What were Abdul Ezedi's movements after the Clapham chemical attack?

A major manhunt was launched for Abdul Ezedi following a chemical attack in Clapham, south London.

The 35-year-old convicted sex offender fled the scene with later images of him showing "significant injuries" to his face.

Here Sky News traces his movements, including the last confirmed sighting just a few hours after the attack on Wednesday 31 January.

7.25pm - The attack takes place in Lessar Avenue on a 31-year-old woman, who was with her daughters, aged three and eight. Ezedi allegedly throws the younger child to the ground and makes off in his car, which crashes into a stationary vehicle nearby. He then runs off.

7.33pm - Ezedi boards a train at Clapham South Tube station.

7.59pm - He leaves that train at King's Cross Tube station.

8.42pm - Ezedi was spotted on CCTV leaving a Tesco in Caledonian Road, close to King's Cross Station, having bought a bottle of water. After exiting the shop, he turns right.

9pm - He enters King's Cross Tube station and boards a Victoria Line Tube southbound.

9.10pm - Ezedi arrives at Victoria Station and then boards a District Line Tube eastbound at 9.16pm.

9.33pm - He is seen leaving Tower Hill Underground Station.

9.47pm - Ezedi is seen on Allhallows Lane in the City of London. He travels through a passage to Cousin Lane and then turns right, walking towards Upper Thames Street.

9.51pm - He turns left on to Upper Thames Street and travels along the street at 9.54pm.

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9.59pm - Ezedi passes the City of London School in Paul's Walk, heading towards Blackfriars Bridge, passing the riverboat pier.

10.04pm - He passes the Unilever building and heads towards Victoria Embankment.

10.06pm - Ezedi passes Carmelite House, at the junction with Carmelite Street, heading towards Temple.

10.28pm - He passes Westminster Pier, goes up the steps and continues towards Westminster.

10.33pm - He is seen walking south on Westminster bridge.

10.36pm - Walks across Westminster Bridge, heading down the steps on the London Eye side towards Lambeth.

10.42pm - Is seen walking west on south Thames Path towards Lambeth Bridge.

10.55pm - Travels along the Albert Embankment approaching Vauxhall Bridge.

11.00pm - Crosses Vauxhall Bridge towards stairs on the Houses of Parliament side of the river.

11.03pm - Crosses Vauxhall Bridge Road, into Grosvenor Road.

11.10pm - Walks westbound past the Shell petrol station.

11.19pm - Passes the Thames Water Building, Grosvenor Road, heading towards Chelsea Bridge.

11.25pm - Crosses over Chelsea Bridge and enters Battersea Park.

11.27pm - His last known movement is to cross back over Chelsea Bridge towards the north side.