Wendy’s Taunts Fans With Plans to Bring Divisive Menu Item to the US

Wendy's is rumored to be bringing a menu item from El Salvador to the United States. ABOVE: A Wendy's location in Madison Heights, Michigan.

One of Wendy's hot international menu items is rumored to be heading to the U.S. market.

The fan-favorite burger joint reportedly teased plans to roll out a perfectly seasoned and slightly spicy side from its El Salvador menus at a recent event–and fans certainly have thoughts about it.

Current speculation suggests that the fast food chain is considering adding Tajin fries to menus at participating locations across the nation. While the Mexican spice mix has certainly grown in popularity in recent years, not everyone seems so keen on the idea of adding lime and chili flavors to their fries.

The reliable foodie influencer known online as Snackolater was "recently told that these were featured at a Wendy's event in the US," and according to their statement, that means the fries "*might* be in the plans for a future test and/or rollout in the states."

While the influencer made it clear that they're all for the spicy new side, replies to the post featured a diverse range of reactions.

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"I’ll take a mango tajin frosty but I’m not sure about fries 🤔," one Instagram user admitted, referencing the company's new Frosty flavor exclusive to the Bahamas.

"Why are they putting this on everything?" another asked, apparently disappointed in Wendy's use of Tajin.

"This is probably an unpopular opinion but I’m tired of the everything has to be spicy and let’s put Tajin on everything trends," a third shared.

"that actually sounds gross 😭," someone else confessed, calling the collaboration "lemony chili fries."

Still, there were those who agreed with Snackolater's take.

"Oooo yum! I love Tajin on almost everything!" one exclaimed.

"A meal of tajin frosty tajin fries and tajin chicken nuggets would be so cool and delicious," a different fan claimed.

"Just carry the lil tajin and Sprinkle it on fries," another joked, providing prospective customers with a solution should the burger joint decide not to release the fries in the U.S.

While it may be some time before we know for sure if Tajin fries are coming to Wendy's locations in North America, the brand just released a new fully-loaded breakfast item and it exclusively revived the beloved Sprite Remix Aruba Jam soda, should you be looking for ways to spice up your order now.

Wendy's did not immediately respond to Parade's request for comment. 

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