Welsh harbour looks like a dolphin when seen from the air

This photo of Pwllheli harbour makes it look so much like a dolphin  (@pwllheli_drone_photos/I​nstagram)
This photo of Pwllheli harbour makes it look so much like a dolphin (@pwllheli_drone_photos/I​nstagram)

A photo of Pwllheli Harbour in Wales has gone viral because of its striking resemblance to a dolphin.

The aerial drone photograph was taken by 37-year-old photographer Rhys Jones (@pwllheli_drone_photos), who had visited the area multiple times but had never before noticed its resemblance to the marine mammal.

Writing in an Instagram post, he said: “Once you see it it cannot be unseen! In all my flight time over the Pwllheli harbour, I have never noticed this as much as last night. Spectacular!”

The aerial picture was taken at the beginning of May at the entrance to the town’s harbour, where the marina is situated.

The mammal’s nose has been carved by a small stone breakwater poking out into the water, next to Afon Erch, plus an eye made from a patch of greenery. The sandbanks create a smooth curve that moves towards the Gimblet Rock holiday park. Then the seascape of bright blue waters and grey stone sea defences help to outline the dolphin’s shape.

The photographer said: “I’ve been up several times above the marina but it’s the first time I’ve noticed this. It was an amazing discovery. Once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it.”

Rhys shared the photo on a Facebook forum called Pwllheli Drone Photos.

It was well received in the group, with one man jokingly asking whether it was “created on porpoise?”

Someone else said the shot was brilliant. Another person joked: “Not me looking in the water for dolphins.”

Someone else commented: “I love this image its amazing...stunning!”

At the time of writing, the post has been shared more than 400 times, with more than eighty comments.

One man commented: “That’s the third time I’ve seen dolphins at Trefor.”

Dolphins are regularly spotted on the Welsh coast and there is one pod of approximately 300 bottlenose dolphins in Cardigan Bay.