Welcome to La Camionera: London's newest lesbian bar

 (La Camionera)
(La Camionera)

Since the launch of its blurred, dimly lit, Instagram presence three weeks ago, La Camionera has been the talk of the town among London lesbian circles. At long last, the capital’s latest, hotly anticipated and highly mysterious lesbian bar opens its doors this Thursday.

But who runs it? Where exactly is it? Is it a permanent venue? Is it a club? A bar? What should we expect? The only information we have about the new space is the address: 63 Broadway Market – which, as Google will soon tell you, is already occupied by American jazz bar Off Broadway. Don’t worry, Off Broadway isn’t going anywhere, instead La Camionera will take up residency in the secret basement beneath it.

We also know that the grand opening is this Thursday, and, if the amount of conversation around it is anything to go by, it promises to be packed out. Be warned, it’s not a big venue. In fact the capacity is rather limited, especially since the space is furnished like a romantic restaurant, complete with white tablecloths and candles.

It is distinctly not a club. It’s a bar, where lesbians can go to meet other lesbians, to hang out early doors, go on dates, or chat and actually be able to hear one another. That said, devastatingly, it is not a permanent space. After the grand opening, it returns every two weeks, with the potential to open more regularly depending on popularity. Another thing to note: due to Broadway Market curfews, it is required to close at midnight – but opens from 5pm, so get there early. Below, we catch up with the anonymous source behind it.

What is La Camionera? It’s a lesbian bar opening on Broadway Market.

What does it mean? La camionera is what you call a female truck driver in Spanish, which is also slang for butch lesbians.

Who is it for? Lesbians, etc.

Why are you anonymous? So my ex-girlfriend’s girlfriend still comes.

What should people expect? Strong, cheap drinks, louche interiors, anchovies, Smoke City, Sade, candles, white tablecloths.

Why is it opening now? Got a good deal.

What’s the goal? Breaking even.

Can you summarise it in three words? Sewing circle mafia.

What three songs will definitely play? Duval Timothy, ‘Ball’; Bar Italia, ‘Rage Quit’; Patrice Rushen, ‘Remind Me’.

La Camionera’s grand opening is Thursday 15 February, 63 Broadway Market, E8 (Instagram: @camionera.e8)