Your weekly horoscope by Sade Jackson (14 to 20 June)


Aries: You’re learning how to stay true to your vision without burning yourself out or spiking your cortisol levels. Consider what buffers are necessary to keep yourself grounded. Either way, you need rest and a cosy atmosphere to perform your best this week.

Taurus: If I were to choose a tarot card for you to embody this week, it would be the Empress. She doesn’t get off her throne, even when she’s tempted to get petty and catty. So, think twice before you react.

Gemini: You’re going to be thinking extra hard about who, where, and what you’ve been investing your energy into. Before you say yes to that new opportunity, check in with yourself to ensure it aligns with your long term plan.

Cancer: Your inner mystic is out and visible, asking you to pay attention to where your intuition is guiding you. Even if something looks good on paper, it doesn’t mean it has your name on it.

Leo: Don’t be too surprised if these two things happen: you dream about someone from the past or you bump into someone in the most random of places. Where is your heart looking for more closure?

Virgo: Who helped you get here and what changes did you make to bring them into your life? Consider the space you’ve opened up in your relationship life. You have room for a couple more people, so see what new faces pop up.

Libra: Who do you need to ‘get’ your vision? This week can propel you to meet people who can not only invest in your vision but also open you up to something larger and more daring. Are you ready?

Scorpio: You’re about to go on an adventure in your emotional landscape. See each experience as a precious teacher wanting to show you pieces of your personal history and the lessons that were hard won.

Sagittarius: The higher you fly, the further away you are from your inner world. Don’t let time get away from you; engage in as much somatic integration as possible. It’s about to get real ‘emosh’ on your side of town.

Capricorn: With your level of ambition, you need at least one person around you who truly gets it, so it doesn’t feel what you have to say and do is falling on deaf ears. Ask yourself how your connections are helping to expand you. Be careful they’re not dragging you down.

Aquarius: Invite yourself to step out of your mind and into your body. Think about how your routines support and sustain you, and what possible changes you can make to feel more rooted and present.

Pisces: A little rose-tinted vision in your relationships can’t hurt, right? Yet, this week you might be shown how fantasy can overtake reality. Go out into the world, but be mindful that you don’t give away too much too quickly.