Weber's smart grilling app now lets you monitor multiple grills at the same time

An update to Weber Connect also adds live temperature graphs and more recipes.


Weber debuted its smart grilling platform in 2020 with a standalone connected device and a WiFi-equipped pellet grill. The company has continued to add new features to the app that controls both of those since launch, and today it released a massive overhaul to the software. Officially dubbed version 2.0, the new Weber Connect app now includes grill tools like an updated dashboard, temperature graphing, more recipes and the ability to monitor multiple grills — and multiple recipes — at the same time.

Weber says one of the most-requested features is the ability to watch multiple recipes simultaneously inside the app. You can now do so with the new "mission-control-style" interface. The company explains that its smart grills and the Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub can handle up to 12 recipes and timers at the same time. What's more, you don't have to keep all of your dishes on the same grill as the app can also keep tabs on multiple grills at once. There's a Launchpad section of the app that offers easy access to the Smokeboost feature, adjusting grill temp, adding a temperature alert, starting a timer and shutting down the grill — most of which are exclusive to the SmokeFire pellet grills.

For all of the barbecue data nerds, Weber Connect now features temperature graphing. The company says these colorful live visuals are updated every second as the cook progresses. Graphs display temperature stats for the grill and up to four connected probes, so all of info is viewable in one place. The graphs also appear on the Now Grilling screen alongside start time, current temp and target temp info for each probe. Data can be shared with other users, including status updates and still images. What's more, you can create CSV files to use all of your grilling data in spreadsheets.

Weber also made the app more accessible with the option to increase font size via dynamic text and the addition of voiceovers. A new dark more changes the entire interface from color to black-and-white for aspiring pitmasters who wish to reduce eye strain. With this update, Weber says the Connect app now houses over 800 recipes. 350 of those are "smart" recipes, meaning they offer step-by-step guidance with videos and detailed instructions. All of today's updates join tools like the ability to monitor and adjust temperatures remotely so you don't have to stay near the grill or Hub the entire time.

Weber Connect 2.0 is available now in the Apple App Store and Google Play store. The software supports iPhone, iPad, macOS and Android devices. Additionally, iOS users can choose to have grilling notifications sent to Apple Watch. Weber is also offering a discount on the Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub ahead of grilling season. The device is typically $139, but you can get one for $89 for a limited time.