What is the ‘Water’ challenge on TikTok?

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What is the TikTok ‘Water’ challenge?TikTok/Getty Images

If you're anything like us, then 'Water' by South African singer, Tyla, has been all over your TikTok for you page.

The R&B song by the 21-year-old musician, who is also known for viral hits like 'Been Thinking' and 'Getting Late', now has a dance challenge to accompany it and we have so many questions. Why is the song so catchy? Who is Tyla? Plus, where the hell do we learn to dance like that?

So, time to warm up, because here is the everything you need to know about the TikTok 'Water' dance challenge.

What is the TikTok ‘Water’ challenge?

The dance challenge was started by Tyla herself, a singer from Johannesburg, South Africa, who began posting clips of her performing her hit song on stage that have since racked up millions of views.

The routine is inspired by a particular style of dance called Bacardi, which originates in South Africa and comes from a sub-genre of music named amapiano. In short, it can be described as a mix of twerking and belly dancing. It's a work out, for sure!

But, it was actually Tyla's choreographer, Lee-ché Janecke, who created the original routine that is currently blowing up.

In the routine, Tyla moves her hips in ways we can only dream of while pouring water down her back, hence the name of the challenge. Now, the trend has over 150 million views on TikTok with tonnes of people trying to re-create it.

Some tips for nailing the dance routine that we've seen in TikTok comments is to wear something loose and flowing to emphasise the movement and that practice makes perfect.

But, we do have a feeling that no one can do the 'Water' challenge quite like Tyla herself!

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