Watch: Sydney Sweeney crushes on 'straight' Bowen Yang in hilarious 'SNL' skit


A recent “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) skit took a hilarious turn with Bowen Yang playing a closeted straight man who breaks Sydney Sweeney's heart.

The sketch’s premise: In a skit on the show’s March 2 episode, host Sweeney develops a crush on cast member Yang, who identifies as gay in real life, in the skit titled "Bowen's Straight."

Subverting expectations: The skit plays on the trope of closeted characters and the pressure to maintain an image but flips the script entirely with Yang hiding the fact that he's straight.

The comedic bit opens with Sweeney's character confiding in cast members Heidi Gardner and Ego Nwodim about her feelings for Yang, who she is assured is "straight as they come" and "just plays gay on the show."

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Sweeney pursues Yang, leading to a hilariously awkward encounter where they discuss their "types" and even end up sleeping together. Yang, who plays a "toxic dudebro," reveals the need to maintain his "straight" facade for his career. He leaves Sweeney heartbroken as he jets off to Paris.

Netizens react: Social media has been buzzing with praise for the skit, with many finding humor in its unexpected take on sexuality and the performances of the two leads. The sketch also resonates with LGBTQ+ viewers who have encountered closeted or confused individuals.

Trending on NextShark: Watch: Sydney Sweeney crushes on 'straight' Bowen Yang in hilarious 'SNL' skit

"This sketch has to be one of the funniest tonight. Bowen acting straight has to be some of the best stuff to come out of SNL," a commenter wrote.

"I'm not even halfway thru this video but im ROLLINGGGGGG at Bowen's straightness lmaooo," another chimed in.

"Sydney checking her hair when Bowen said blond killed me lmao," commented another.

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"The ending that's clearly a riff on the closeted partner in gay stuff is hilarious. Right down to 'I dont want your life' lol," a user pointed out.

Outside of "SNL": Sweeney recently starred alongside Dakota Johnson in the Sony Pictures film "Madame Web" and HBO's hit series "Euphoria." Meanwhile, Yang stars in director Jon M. Chu's upcoming "Wicked" film adaptation and currently co-hosts the popular podcast "Las Culturistas" with Matt Rogers.

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