WATCH: Shocking footage shows youths dicing with death on railway lines

A worrying trend has emerged as CCTV catches teenagers lying down and loitering on railway lines, appearing oblivious to the potential fatal dangers.

The video shows a young woman crouching down to take a picture, in the middle of the track. Other youths can be seen walking along the tracks, with one boy balancing along the rails.

The alarming footage, captured at Kent, on London's main rail line, has been released the UK's Network Rail to warn teens, parents and commuters of the potential dangers of mucking around near train lines.

A worrying trend has emerged of teens loitering on railway lines. Source: Network Rail/YouTube

Network Rail told the Mirror while Britain still has the safest rail network in Europe, level crossings were one of the biggest dangers to commuters and pedestrians.

News of the dangerous activity abroad comes as Adelaide motorists were caught on camera dicing with death at a level crossing in the city's western suburbs.

Source: Network Rail/YouTube

Their stupidity has been slammed by local police who are now trying to identify those flouting the law.