WATCH: Quick-thinking employee locks robber in store during hold-up

A quick-thinking bottle shop employee has locked an armed man inside his store during an alleged hold-up.

The staff member was preparing to close the store in Braddon, Canberra, on May 24 when a hooded man walked in about 10.50pm.

CCTV footage from inside the store shows the man approach the counter before placing a shopping bag on the bench.

After breaking a bottle on the counter, CCTV footage shows a man approaching Mr Jeon with the broken glass. Source: Supplied

After ordering several bottles of liquor, the man suddenly smashes a separate bottle from his plastic bag on the edge of the counter.

The man approaches the employee, holding the jagged glass to the worker and appearing to threaten the worker.

Keeping his cool, the worker complies with instructions, intently watching the man’s actions.

As the man drops a bag of cigarettes, Mr Jeon makes his move and heads towards the door. Source: Taein Jeon/ Supplied

The hooded man is then shown trying to grab a bag of cigarettes, he drops them on the floor, allowing the employee to make his move.

CCTV footage shows the worker casually strolling over to the door before pulling shut the metal gate and slamming down the shutters.

The hooded man can be seen sprinting to the door, quickly realising he is locked in.

Mr Jeon pulls the door shut, locking the man inside the store. Source: Supplied
He then pulls the shutters down before asking passersby to call the police. Source: Supplied

After calling police, officers arrived to arrest the intruder, who was allegedly found in the roofing of the bottle shop’s storeroom.

CCTV footage shows officers armed with tasers coaxing the man down before apprehending him on the ground.

An ACT Policing spokesperson confirmed the matter is now before the courts, but said he would not be able to provide any comment on the matter.

Officers apprehended the man after coaxing him from inside the roof. Source: Supplied