Watch live: Polish, Estonian and Lithuanian ministers sign declaration to enhance cooperation

Watch live as the Lithuania, Estonian, and Polish foreign ministers meet to reaffirm the close cooperation between the three countries.

Urmas Reinsalu, from Estonia, Gabrielius Landsbergis, from Lithuania, and Zbigniew Rau, from Poland, will come together in Riga on Tuesday, 31 January.

The ministers will discuss the latest security developments, Russia’s war in Ukraine, support for Ukraine, and energy issues, and to sign a declaration on enhancing the cooperation in the region.

The meeting comes after representatives from the three countries - alongside the United Kingdom, Denmark, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and Slovakia - met to reaffirm their “continued determination and resolve” to to support Ukraine in their efforts against Russia’s invasion.

Ukraine’s deputy head of its presidential office, Ihor Zhovka, has previously hailed the Baltic countries and Poland as “the most loyal allies who are bringing our victory closer with concrete and consistent actions.”

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