Watch: French student shocked to find cameras lining Chinese beach


A viral TikTok video featuring security cameras lining the shores of Hainan's Haitang Bay in China has ignited a discussion on the growing presence of security cameras on Chinese beaches.

About the video: TikTok user @louiserct, identified only as 22-year-old French exchange student Louise, posted a clip of herself relaxing on the beach lined with surveillance cameras mounted on lampposts. 

"POV: You're at the beach in China. OF COURSE there are security cameras every 50 meters and lifeguards patrolling," the text overlay reads. 

In the caption, she wrote: “We’re at the beach in China of course we aren’t allowed to swim in the ocean 🤔”

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Netizens’ reaction: The video has since attracted over 7 million views and thousands of comments, with users divided on the cameras' merits

“Worst dystopian nightmare,” commented a user. “Every move being monitored.”

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“I rather see security cameras than see women getting sexually assaulted while out jogging on the beach,” a user commented. “You? I like feeling safe.”

“Wow they keep people safe from drowning how dystopian,” wrote another.

Meanwhile, other users provided context, explaining the need for such surveillance and the possible reason swimming is prohibited.

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“There are plenty of beaches at China where you can swim and of course there's also some you can't swim at because it's dangerous to,” a user claimed.

“Thank you for creating a safe space for sinophobia. assuming you can't read, there are clear signs that say the water is dangerous. you can swim if u want but good luck surviving,” another pointed out. 

Not complaining: Louise, who is studying at a business school near Shanghai, told Newsweek that while she was "surprised" by the number of cameras, she appreciates the “great security” they bring.

Trending on NextShark: Watch: French student shocked to find cameras lining Chinese beach

"The beach experience in China is truly interesting. So many things are different from my Western culture… I think it's important to note I wasn't complaining about these security cameras. China is a very strict and surveilled country, but this does bring a great security in the country that I much appreciate," she was quoted saying.

CCTVs for public safety: China has been building the Hainan coasts as a budding tourist destination and has implemented safety initiatives to protect its visitors, including the deployment of security cameras. These cameras may aid in drowning prevention and swift responses to emergencies. The presence of surveillance technology also serves as an environmental monitoring as well as a deterrent against criminal activities.

Surveillance and control: The proliferation of security cameras in public places also aligns with broader surveillance and control measures in China. These cameras assist authorities in upholding national security interests. The extensive surveillance network present in public spaces like beaches has raised concerns regarding privacy infringement.

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