WATCH: Fisherman on kayak stalked by huge shark

Samuel Hussey
News Reporter

A relatively boring morning on the water for two mates was quickly turned on its head after their kayaks were circled by an enormous great white shark.

Ken Gerke and his mate Dave Barwise weren’t having much luck after heading out off the coast of Wenonah Head, south of Coffs Harbour on Saturday morning.

But that sense of tranquillity quickly disappeared when Ken, a tournament fisherman, headed out into deeper waters in search of some whiting. It was there, he realised he wasn’t alone.

With both his GoPro cameras turned off, Ken reached for his phone and began filming, initially unaware the sheer size or the shark’s type.

Realising he wasn’t alone, Ken looked back and saw a sizeable fin following his kayak. Source: Supplied / Ken Gerke, Tournament & Adventure Angler
Fishing mates Dave and Ken Gerke were pretty keen to get out of the water after their scary encounter. Source: Supplied

But as the shark’s sizeabe fin begins emerging from the water, Ken’s breathing becomes heavier as he quickly realises he’s dealing with a great white that’s bigger than his four-metre kayak.

“Ohh where is he? He’s very f***ng interested in me,” he can be heard saying as he begins pedalling away.

“Holy s***, that’s a big white, Dave that’s a huge white.” 

But the increasingly curious shark continues to follow Ken for what he estimates to be a five-minute ordeal.  

“There had been a lot of whales and dolphins out there, so I initially thought it might have just been a small whale… but then I saw the fin and it just kept getting larger and larger,” Ken told Yahoo7 News.  

Ken estimates the shark was at least five metres in length.Source: Supplied / Ken Gerke, Tournament & Adventure Angler
Ken could be heard telling his mate Dave ‘that’s f****** huge white’. Source: Supplied / Ken Gerke, Tournament & Adventure Angler

“I had this horrible feeling that I am sitting out here by myself.”

“It would have easily been reaching up to the five-metre mark. My kayak is four metres and it easily surpassed that.

He said that sense of fear quickly turned into one of astonishment when he realised the shark was more curious than aggressive. 

“It was an awesome experience, quite a scary one, but awesome… I’ve never seen anything that large,” he added. 

He said the shark was more curious than aggressive. Source: Supplied / Ken Gerke, Tournament & Adventure Angler

“We didn’t really feel any threat at all, we think it is quite used to seeing boats out there and was just taking a look around.”

He said he and Dave still made sure they got as close to shore as possible before jumping off their kayaks.

For more fishing photos and videos, head to Ken’s Facebook page.