WATCH: Circus tiger mercilessly whipped after turning on trainer

A video of a whipping attack on a tiger by a trainer in Florida has angered people online.

The incident started when a two-year-old tiger nudged female trainer Vicenta Pages' legs inside an enclosure, causing her to lose her balance and fall to the ground, local publication Relay Hero reports.

When Pages fell the tiger immediately started to mount her and then tugged at her legs, while she tried to fend him off, hitting him in the face.

Online viewers have spoken out about what they described as the cruelty of the attack on YouTube and many wrote that the animal should not be kept in the cage.

The tiger was whipped by a trainer in an enclosure in Florida. Photo: Scott Caputo/ YouTube
Photo: Scott Caputo/ YouTube

The video, which was filmed by an audience member and later shared online, shows Pages' colleague then stepped in and whipped the tiger.

The animal, known as Ghandi, then grabbed the Pages' leg in his mouth and dragged her across the enclosure area.

Onlookers and particularly the children were upset by the scenes and can be heard exclaiming in the video.

Pages was not seriously hurt in the incident.

Newsbreak - August 13