WATCH: Terrifying moment child slips under Sydney train while boarding

Shocking footage filmed at a Sydney train station has shown a young boy slip under a train, while attempting to board with adults at Cronulla.

Sydney Trains have released the alarming CCTV footage to demonstrate just how often children fall between the gap at stations.

The footage has prompted a warning to parents this Easter to mind the gap between the platform and train, and make sure they hold their child’s hand when entering and exiting.

The heart-stopping video shows just how quickly young children can disappear when boarding trains, coming overwhelmingly close to death.

Heart stopping footage captured a boy slipping between a train and platform at Cronulla.

Thankfully, many of these instances have had positive outcomes thanks to quick-thinking parents and passengers who yell and wave to ensure the train doesn’t start moving until the child is free.

Last year an incredible 223 children fell beneath trains at stations — down slightly from 237 in 2015. The number of injuries rose from 72 in 2015 to 81 last year.

In the clip filmed at Cronulla, the boy can be seen falling as he tries to board.

The two adults he was with frantically wave for the train to not move as they haul the child back up to safety.

In another clip, a young girl falls underneath a train at Epping station as she steps onto the platform while holding hands with a female adult.