Warnings after ‘cheap’ e-cigarette explodes in man’s face ‘like a firework’

Helen Wellings and Nicholas McCallum

FIRST ON 7: There are new warnings for e-cigarette users after batteries in a number of cheaper products have exploded in users faces.

Cheap and inferior e-cigarettes have flooded the market as more smokers take up vaping in an effort to quit tobacco.

The e-ciggarette exploded in the barmaid and the vaper's faces. Source: 7 News

However the popular product has sparked a new health hazard: low-quality lithium-ion batteries that are prone to overheating.

In some cases the batteries have exploded.

UK man Stewart Paterson was in a pub when his e-cigarette lit up like a firecracker in his and a barmaid's faces.

'It was exactly like a firework,' said Stewart Paterson about his explosive e-cigg. Source: 7 News

"It was exactly like a firework – you would've thought it was a firework," Mr Paterson said.

"But then one of the punters pointed out that it was the remains of my electric cigarette."

The battery ignited in a flash, but Mr Paterson and the barkeeper were lucky enough to avoid serious injury. Other victims around the world have been less fortunate; some suffering severe burns to the face and body.

Evan Spahlinger said his

Warnings about cheap, combustible batteries are abound with hundreds of people seeing their shoddy 'hoverboards' explode in recent months, causing injury and burning down some homes in Australia and the US.

Technology journalist Val Quinn, 'The Gadget Guy', said there are injuries reported each week, caused by low-quality batteries in popular tech products.

"The key problem is the lithium-ion battery used inside, which is catching fire and burning very quickly," Quinn told 7 News.

"Hoverboards suffered from using poor quality lithium-ion batteries – and we're seeing this happening now with e-cigarettes."

Although the Cancer Council does not condone using e-cigarettes, smokers looking to kick the habit are advised to use reputable brands with the supplied charges.