Fury after 'scumbag' leaves disturbing booby trap in NSW national park

There are claims someone has been boobytrapping a NSW National Park.

Wollondilly deputy mayor Matt Gould posted a warning on Facebook about a trap found in Thirlmere Lakes National Park southwest of Sydney.

“If you’re visiting the area around Thirlmere Lakes over the next few weeks please pay extra attention to where you’re going, as some complete scumbag has been placing boobytraps on trails that could cause significant injury,” Cr Gould wrote.

“Police and National Parks have also been advised.”

A spiked plank of wood found in Thirlmere Lakes National Park. There are claims it's a trap being used to injure people using the park.
There are claims someone's been placing traps like this one around Thirlmere Lakes National Park. Source: Facebook/ Deputy Mayor Matt Gould and Mark Richardson

Cr Gould included a photo of slab of wood with spikes which appears to be found on a trail in the park.

“Makes my blood boil. Could kill someone if they landed on it the wrong way,” he wrote.

He told Yahoo News Australia he’s been told of two different traps found in the park.

“It’s really disappointing and really poor form,” he said.

People called the find “absolutely disgusting”.

Facebook user Scotty Pearce, from Warragamba, said the booby traps were appearing in a number of locations in the state.

“These are appearing in many locations from up and over the blue mountains and down the south coast,” he commented.

It’s believed people set them up to deter mountain bike riders.

“I know people do it to try to ‘stop’ the dirt bike riders potentially causing horrific injuries or worse, but the morons haven’t given a rats about other people who may be walking, kids, pushbike riders, animals,” one woman wrote.

“That could get someone in the foot hit a main artery and kill them.”

NSW Police has been contacted for comment.

On July 8, NSW police posted images on Facebook of tyre spikes causing damage in state forests.

Tyre spikes found by police in NSW national forests. Source: Facebook/NSW Police
Tyre spikes found by police in NSW national forests. Source: Facebook/NSW Police

“Police have received a number of reports of homemade ‘tyre spikes’ being found on public roads within Vulcan and Gurnang State Forests in the states Central West near Oberon,” they warned.

“These sharpened metal spikes cause tyre and vehicle damage and are a risk to the personal safety of all forest users and workers.”

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