Wall Street Journal Shreds 'Trumpy Internet Trolls' With Blunt Question About Taylor Swift

The Wall Street Journal ripped the current obsession of “Trumpy internet trolls” with Taylor Swift and their conspiracy theory that she is a Democratic operative who will be key to handing the 2024 election to President Joe Biden over his potential rival, former President Donald Trump.

Numerous conservative personalities have baselessly suggested next weekend’s Super Bowl will be rigged in favor of the Kansas City Chiefs, whose tight end Travis Kelce is dating the pop star. Right-wingers claim the power couple will then endorse Biden and, riding high off that backing, the president will remain in the White House. Swift endorsed Biden in 2020.

The “paranoia on the right about a romance between the most popular singer in the world and an NFL player does make Republicans seem, frankly, weird,” wrote the newspaper’s conservative editorial board.

“A question, though, for the trolls: If they believe defeating Mr. Trump is so easy that Mr. Biden can do it merely by getting an endorsement from a singer who backed him in 2020, doesn’t that suggest the GOP might be making a mistake by nominating such a weak candidate?” it asked.

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