Waitress brought to tears by generous customer

A waitress said she broke down in tears after a customer left her an extremely generous tip so she could visit her son.

The stranger, who overheard ‘Brandi’ saying how much she missed her son, decided to give her an extra $200 to help her see him.

Their bill was for only $9.53.

“Brandi, thank you for your service,” the customer wrote on the back of the receipt.

“I overheard you talking about your son. Use this to visit him.”

A customer left 'Brandi' a $200 tip so she could see her son. Source: Imgur

Brandi uploaded a photo of the note on Imgur.

She said she was overcome with emotion when she read it.

“I completely broke down in the kitchen when the host brought this to show me,” she said in the post.

“Kind and caring people do still exist.”

News break - April 28