Why this petrol station had queues of cars waiting to fill up - but is it worth the wait?

Exactly how long would you be prepared to wait at the petrol station to fill up your tank?

Why this petrol station had queues of cars waiting to fill up - but is it worth the wait?

Perth motorists wait in line for an hour for cheap petrol

For some bargain-hunting motorists in Perth, they were willing – if not necessarily happy – to line up for more than an hour to get the cheapest petrol in the city's northern suburbs.

Video has emerged from outside a Caltex petrol station in Mirrabooka showing a line snaking its way out from the fuel pumps with cars at least 15-deep from each bowser.

Peak hour at the petrol pump. Source: Edward Kinnane

The local Caltex was selling unleaded petrol for $1.087 a litre, while other outlets were selling for five to 10 cents extra – saving up to $8 on a full tank for the average family car.

"Gridlock," the man filming can be heard saying. "Gotta love it."

A fuel truck also patiently waits in line. Source: Edward Kinnane

It's twilight, peak hour at the petrol pump, and in more than a minute's worth of footage, there is barely any forward movement in the line.

Perth is known as a heavily car-reliant city, but is an hour-long wait really worth it?

Motorists queued more than an hour to get cheap petrol. Source: 7 News

When the footage was posted online, some users questioned how much fuel was actually being used to keep the motor running while waiting in an hour-long queue.

But this Mirrabooka station is known as a cheap fuel hotspot, so motorists keep flocking to it, despite the heavy demand and long wait.

And what happens when the petrol runs out?

As this footage shows, there's a massive fuel truck waiting to refill the pumps - if it can ever get to the front of the line.

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