German shepherd loses eye after pup and owner bashed by thugs

WARNING - DISTRESSING CONTENT: A helpless puppy has lost an eye in a brutal alleged attack in Western Australia.

Police say Axel, the 10-month-old German shepherd, and its owner were set upon by two men in Bunbury, WA. One was even armed with a metal baseball bat.

The alleged attack left Axel with only one working eye, with the other so badly injured during the baseball bat bashing vets were forced to stitch it shut.

Axel lost an eye in the brutal attack.

Axel's owner was also allegedly assaulted when the two offenders pulled up next to them in a car while they were out for a morning walk on Thursday.

The 25-year-old victim managed to break free and escape while Axel ran away.

The dog ran into a carport, whimpering and bleeding before he was rushed to a vet.

The 10-month-old German shepherd was allegedly hit with a baseball bat.

Axel is due for further veterinary treatment, leaving his traumatised owner now facing a huge vet bill.

Two men, aged 31 and 29, were arrested over the alleged attack. They've been released on police bail, charged with assault occasioning bodily harm.

The 29-year-old has also been charged with cruelty to animals. If convicted, he could face up to five years' jail.

Axel and his owner were allegedly attacked during a morning walk through this alleyway.