WA firefighters drive through smoke and fire as they battle hell on Earth

Fire crews drive through the catastrophic blaze south of Perth. Source: Twitter/Templeman Twells

A massive blaze on Australia's west coast that claimed two lives and destroyed 128 homes has entered its fifth day burning uncontrolled.

A video taken from inside a tanker as it speeds through the hellscape near Waroona south of Perth was posted to Twitter by user Templeman Twells.

The fire crew rushes down a bush track a fire rages around them with no idea what lies ahead as smoke and burning trees fill their view.

"I'm waiting for a tree to fall," one of the crew says as the push through fire zone.

A two-way radio conversation warns of hazards ahead, telling them to take an alternative route.

"Oh now the f***king tell me," shouts one of the firefighters in frustration.

To donate to victims of the WA fires visit www.appealswa.org.au.

Fire authorities in Western Australia warned overnight the danger from the fire remained but conditions were easing thanks to a change in the weather.

It took only ten minutes for the fire to sweep across the town of Yarloop on Friday, turning 128 homes to ash and cinders.

There were reports of a third missing person but authorities say they have since been located. There are fears more people could still be registered as missing.

The two deaths bring the total number killed in this devastating fire season to eight nationally.

"It's just another day of catastrophe, isn't it?" local shire president Tania Jackson told the ABC after hearing of the two men's deaths.

"Each day that has gone by seems to bring worse news. It's devastating."

The bushfire - which is entering its fifth day after reportedly being started by a lightning strike - has destroyed 143 properties including 128 homes in Yarloop, the state's Department of Fire and Emergency Services said.

"Overnight and today, favourable conditions came in and it's a lot cooler here today and that has allowed firefighters to gain more ground on the fire and to increase containment lines," a DFES spokeswoman told AFP.

DFES said several towns in the region remained under threat.

"Unless you are ready and prepared to actively defend your property, evacuate to the south via the South Western Highway if safe to do so," it said in an emergency warning.