Nay: Horseback WA farmer denied drive-thru ice cream

A WA dairy farmer is calling on McDonald’s to reconsider their drive-thru policy after he was denied a soft serve… for riding through on his trusty steed.

Luke Ieraci was on his way home from a mate’s place near Australind when he made a spur of the moment decision to pick up a trusty Maccas ice cream cone.

Rather than tying up old Zara, Luke opted for the time saving drive-thru but was sent packing by unimpressed staff.

“They said, ‘Sorry sir, we can’t serve you in the drive-thru on a horse. It’s an animal, not a motor vehicle’," Mr Ieraci told Perth Now.

"I said to them, ‘I’m pretty sure a horse is still a legitimate mode of transport, so why can’t I use the drive-through?’

No horsin, Luke Ieraci was turned away by Maccas after attempting to pick up a soft serve on his horse. Source: Facebook
Luke and his trusty steed Zara were left hanging by the WA McDonald's staff. Source: Facebook

“Then they said, ‘We’re aware of that, but we’re thinking of the wellbeing of the horse’.

“But Zara is used to roads and traffic. She’s a very well-mannered horse with a good temperament. She was fine, and so I couldn’t see why they couldn’t serve me. A 50¢ soft-serve wouldn’t have been any skin off their nose ... . There’s not going to be many people going through on horseback.”

A McDonald’s spokeswoman said it was a “safety issue” and the decision to withhold that ice cold cone from Luke and Zara was the right one.