WA drug trafficker gets more jail time

A man who fled Perth while waiting to face drug charges in court, only to be later jailed in NSW for similar offences, has been sentenced to more than seven years in prison.

Michael Shane McLellan, 48, was charged in 2001 with several offences, including possession of a prohibited drug with the intent to sell and supply, and possession of a hand gun, and ammunition.

But when he was due to appear in court for an application to revoke his bail, McLellan ran away.

He was arrested in NSW in 2006 on separate drug and weapon offences, and jailed for about 12 years.

It was only when he was transferred to a West Australian prison last year that he made admissions about the 2001 crime and pleaded guilty.

The Perth District Court heard on Friday that McLellan repackaged about six kilograms of MDMA and 4.9 kilograms of MDA tablets into a large metal tool box that was sent from the east coast to Perth.

McLellan then caught a plane to Perth and received the package from a police officer posing as a delivery person, the court heard.

During a search, police found a further 8.6 grams of ecstasy on McLellan, as well as a pistol, ammunition and thousands of dollars.

In sentencing, Judge Simon Stone noted that McLellan had an association with members of the "drug culture" on a "long-term basis" and was "fearful of violent repercussions".

He said McLellan was a trusted member of the drug syndicate and organised the transportation of ecstasy into WA.

"You were a drug trafficker and a significant one at that," Judge Stone said.

McLellan, who also has a history of drug use, submitted a letter to the court, which Judge Stone said expressed genuine remorse.

He sentenced McLellan to seven-and-a-half years behind bars to be served concurrently with his 12-year sentence.

With parole, McLellan could be released from jail in five-and-a-half years.