WA artist boogies off to the US

M *t Hawthorn- *based street artist Fieldey is California bound.

It's only been a few weeks since the 31-year-old, whose real name is *Haylee Fieldes *, completed a mural of World War II music stars The Andrews Sisters and already the artwork has received international attention.

Created as part of The Laneway Collective's mural project at a historic apartment block at 569 Wellington Street in *Perth *, the piece has gained praise from *Maxene Andrews *' manager *Lynda Wells *, who has invited Fieldey to the US to create another portrait of the band.

"I was really stoked about that because I didn't expect it to go that far," Fieldey told _AAA _of her response to Wells' invitation.

"That she found it to be an accurate representation of her mum and her aunts was really cool."

Since launching her career as a surfboard artist three years ago, Fieldey has built up a dedicated YouTube following, with tens of thousands of views of her surf-art tutorials.

During the painting of her Boogie Woogie Bugle Wall mural she filmed the five- day process to share with her online subscribers, which is how Wells came to discover the piece.

"Fans of the Andrews Sisters found a time lapse that I put up on my Youtube channel and then they shared it with her," Fieldey said.

"She was just blown away. She said 'I love it and I would love it if you could come over and paint one for us here'."

A self confessed "mega-nerd" about all things Andrews Sisters, Fieldey chose to paint the group as a reference to 569 Wellington Street's history.

"Part of the brief was that the artwork had to reference the building's past and it was a radio station," she explained.

"That era was around the time that they released their hit Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy and it seemed like a great opportunity to paint some iconic figures." EMMA BERGMEIER-VARIAN

'She said

"I love it and I would love it if

you could come over and paint

one for us