Viral Willy Wonka experience star The Unknown lands gig at London Dungeon

A 16-year-old girl who went viral for playing the role of The Unknown at a botched Willy Wonka experience in Glasgow has landed a gig at the London Dungeon this Easter.

Aspiring actor Felicia Dawkins became a viral sensation after footage emerged online of her wearing a silver mask and scaring children at the Wonka event while playing the role of The Unknown, an evil rival chocolate maker to Willy Wonka living in the walls.

The immersive experience has made headlines in recent weeks, with children being left in tears and parents demanding refunds after they turned up to “an abandoned, empty warehouse”.

The role was Felicia’s first acting job and she said she hopes her recent experience will “set me up well” for her new gig at the famous London attraction on April 7.

The London Dungeon, home to a cast of theatrical actors, special effects and stages, reached out to Felicia to offer her the opportunity to train with their performance team, followed by a guest appearance acting in the attraction.

In a video announcing her new role, Felicia said she “cannot wait” to meet and learn from the team at the London Dungeon.

“Who would have thought my wild Wonka experience would have led me to this,” she said.

“I’m a huge fan of The Dungeons across the UK. I’ve visited many times as a guest, and I can’t quite believe I now get to be the one who’s scaring the public.

“I’m hoping my recent scare experience will have set me up well for this role – and I cannot wait to meet and learn from the expert team at the London Dungeon as I’d love to be doing their job full time one day. London here I come.”

A London Dungeon spokesperson said the aspiring actor is “clearly a natural when it comes to the art of the scare”.

A photo of Felicia smiling
Felicia said she hopes her recent experience will ‘set me up well’ for her new role at the London Dungeon (Felicia/PA)

“It’s an honour to be joined by the acting talent behind the now cult character The Unknown – and we can’t wait to see what she’ll bring to our horribly scary historical figures,” they said.

“If you think the mysterious character of The Unknown was unnerving, you haven’t seen anything yet.

“While we can’t say there will be any mirrors involved in Felicia’s training and guest appearance this Easter, what we can promise is there won’t be an AI script or advert in sight.

“The team can’t wait to welcome her to their ranks.”

Tickets for the London Dungeon, located on the South Bank, are available to purchase online.