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Vincent branches out for cooler future

The City of Vincent plans to double the amount of shade in its neighbourhoods in a bid to combat overheating caused by urbanisation.

The policy aims to increase tree canopy cover in its suburbs from 11 per cent to 20 per cent by 2050.

It comes as research linked the removal of trees in Perth suburbs to heat-related health problems for residents.

According to a Curtin University study, increases in extreme heat in Perth will pose the biggest risk to human health associated with climate change.

Helen Brown, from Curtin's School of Public Health, warned temperature rises, combined with the increased removal of trees because of urbanisation, might contribute to heat-related illnesses.

"Unfortunately, some areas in Perth are experiencing significant reductions in tree canopy due to lack of adequate policy, regulation and awareness," she said.

"Without appropriate intervention, we may find ourselves in a situation where expected increases in extreme temperatures from climate change are made worse."

Vincent mayor John Carey said the greening policy would provide much-needed shade in urban areas and would cool neighbourhoods and combat the "heat island effect".

The City of Vincent, which planted more than 1000 trees and 35,000 native plants last year, has allocated $200,000 for greening this year.