Viewers stunned as huge snake drops in on podcast: 'Can't get more Australian'

The python instantly became the star of the show.

In an incident straight from the Only In Australia files, a huge snake has literally dropped in on a podcast — and it was all caught on camera. In the now-viral video, two hosts were interviewing a guest, who was dialling in from the verandah of his home on the NSW Central Coast.

"So we were co-ordinating this big podcast from the office and we were interviewing this guy, Andrew," Mala Webber from Sydney consultancy firm The Strategy Group told Yahoo News Australia. "And the snake just dropped down while he was talking about greenwashing."

While the hosts could hardly believe their eyes, Andrew remained intent on continuing with their conversation about environmental data and technology. "It was quite unexpected, although they were discussing environments, and Andrew was very chilled. I guess he's used to living there," Mala said.

Andrew Ward appearing on a podcast as a snake drops down behind him
Andrew Ward from Regen Farmers Mutual was on a call with The Strategy Group when a snake dropped down behind him. Source: TikTok/@thestrategygroup

'Snake behind you'

"You know, anyway, it's such a thin greenwashing veil," Andrew says in the clip, while in the background the long, black reptile begins to move down from the rafters behind him. "There are a lot of sophisticated greenwashing agencies out there," he continued, as the creature unravelled.

Suddenly, the voice of Alycia Wolf from The Strategy Group bursts in. "The snake behind you," she says, before the vision cuts to her colleague, David Berigny, who repeats, "Snake behind you."

The Strategy Group's David Berigny (left) and Alycia Wolf (right)
The Strategy Group's David Berigny and Alycia Wolf cut Andrew off when they spotted the reptile hanging from the rafters. Source: TikTok/@thestrategygroup

"Oh my God," Alycia says as she appears on screen with her hands over her mouth.

The vision flips back to Andrew, still seated outside. "It's only a carpet python, don't worry," he says, laughing, as he flicks his head backwards to glance at the snake. "We call him a rodent control officer. I don't have a name for it because snakes can't hear you anyway. So yeah, the snake's far more interesting, what was I saying?"

'Australians are a different breed'

The video has since racked up over 280,000 views, with Andrew's laidback reaction captivating viewers, who described it as "the most Australian thing".

"How can he just carry on like it's nothing?" one viewer commented, while another asked, "Did he just ignore that snake? I would be running. Australians are a different breed."

"Dude carried on with the meeting like it's any other Tuesday," a third TikTok user added. "If that was me, I would be screaming and running already," responded someone else.

Small pets could be 'on the menu'

Sean Cade from Australian Snake Catchers said Andrew was right to remain calm, as the snake is a non-venomous breed. "Most of the people that have them around, and are used to them being around, are kind of like that," he told Yahoo, "because it's not a venomous snake, where you have to worry about it from a safety perspective."

But while Sean agreed that coastal carpet pythons are "really good for rodent control", he warned they might have an appetite for pets. "If you've got rabbits, guinea pigs, cockatoos or parrots, potentially they're on the menu," he said. "Kittens and small dogs too, maybe."

However, carpet pythons usually keep to themselves. "I find as a catcher, and in my 30 years' experience, the wild snakes tend to be quite calm, even when you need to move them around, because they've got everything they need," he explained. "They've got enough sun, water, room and food and they're living their best lives."

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