Shocking video shows moment 'missile hits doomed passenger jet over Iran'

Video footage has surfaced which appears to show the Ukraine passenger plane being shot down over Iran.

The vision emerged online, reportedly being shared on encrypted messaging app Telegram, and has since been verified by the New York Times.

The roughly 19-second clip, is shaky and shows a faint light in the night sky before the flash of a bright explosion and a delayed booming noise.

“To analyse the video, we confirmed it was filmed near the plane's flight path from Tehran,” the Times reported Friday morning when sharing the clip online.

“It shows an explosion when a missile hit the plane, but the plane did not explode: It continued flying for several minutes and turned back toward the airport.”

According to New York Times visual investigations journalist Malachy Browne, the sound delay between seeing and hearing explosion in video is around 10 seconds.

“Very broadly matches distance from plane at that point (8,000ft altitude around 9-10,000ft over ground),” he tweeted.

Browne also shared images of the site where the video was filmed, detailing the visual analysis that went into verifying the video, saying it was consistent with the footage.

The footage emerged as US and Canadian officials began revealing details that point the finger at Iran for downing the plane with an anti-aircraft missile.

Evidence indicates it is "highly likely" an Iranian missile downed a Ukrainian jetliner, US and Canadian officials said on Friday morning, AEST.

The strike, which killed all 176 people aboard, could well have been a mistake amid intentional airstrikes and high tensions throughout the region, they said.

There were at least 63 Canadians on board and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has demanded “answers and justice” from Tehran.

Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau holds a news conference saying intelligence points to Iran downing the commercial jet. Source: Getty

The crash came just hours after Iran launched a ballistic attack against Iraqi military bases housing US troops amid a confrontation with Washington over the US strike that killed Iranian Revolutionary Guard general Qassem Soleimani.

Four US officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the Associated Press they had no certain knowledge of Iranian intent and the airliner could have been mistaken for a threat.

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