'Slippery learning curve': Poorly placed slip 'n slide ends badly for eager slider

A man has regretted not planning his slip ‘n slide run more carefully.

A video, believed to be shot in the US, shows a lengthy slip ‘n slide mat sloping down a hill.

A few look on as a man excitedly runs on to the mat.

“Team nitro!” he yells as he flops onto his stomach and launches down the slope.

The man gets a good run-up and flies down the slide. Source: Jukin Media

He gains momentum but whoever set the slide up made a crucial mistake with where it ends.

The man builds up speed and crashes straight into the picnic table.

A woman, standing at the end of the slide, looks on in shock as the man winces in pain from the impact.

All appears to be going well. Source: Jukin Media

He slowly rolls off the mat as onlookers laugh.

It’s not known if he suffered any injuries.

Whoever set up the slide probably didn't think through where it finished. Source: Jukin Media