WATCH: Angry crocodile causes problems for firefighters

An angry crocodile has caused a ruckus at a tyre shop in northern Malaysia.

Video uploaded to LiveLeak shows the masssive crocodile wandering about a car port, it’s jaws open wide, at Kubong Industrial Estate in Lambang, Sarawak on September 3.

Firefighters try to place tie a rope around its jaws, but the beast is having none of it and flails violently in torrential rain.

The men continue to try and calm it down, prodding it and trying to place a cover of its head but the crocodile growls and swats away.

The angry croc wasn't having a bar of it. Source: LiveLeak

According to the Borneo Post, the crocodile was estimated to weigh a tonne but firefighters managed to capture it before releasing it into the wild.

Sarawak Forestry Community told the Post there had been no prior complaints of “menace or threat” posed by crocodiles in the area, but it would erect signage around the area where the reptiles are more commonly seen.

A firefighter tries to capture the beast to release it back into the river. Source: LiveLeak

“Also considered was the fact that a survey carried out in May this year had shown that for the stretch of the Limbang River from the river mouth to Limbang town, the crocodile population density was about one reptile per kilometre, which is nowhere near the level where culling might be deemed necessary,” a statement read.