Shocking moment drug user shoots up in laundromat

Shocking video has emerged of alleged drug users in Melbourne using laundromats and public places as makeshift drug dens.

Residents of Melbourne’s beachside suburb of St Kilda say they are living in fear, 9News reported.

In CCTV obtained by the TV network shows two people, one cutting drugs up on top of a washing machine and another injecting, inside the Barkly Street Laundromat at midday.

Another video shows a drug-affected man taking out his rage on a washing machine on a Saturday about 8am. He is seen ripping it from the wall.

Two people rack up drugs on top of a washing machine at Barkly Street Laundromat in St Kilda. Source: 9News

Others are seen doing deals on the street, with one man managing to obtain the drug ice for $40.

Katherine Wilson, from Off The Rails Cafe, said kids were seeing people walking around with needles sticking out of their arms.

“We see lots of druggies shooting up, doing drug deals, defecating, urinating, abusing people,” she told 9News.

Concerned resident Darren Robinson added “effectively, they control the streets”.

A Victoria Police spokesman told Yahoo News “the community can be assured” making people feel safe in St Kilda and across the City of Port Phillip was a police priority.

“We understand it would be confronting to witness incidents of crime or anti-social behaviour,” the spokesman said.

“If members of the public do witness any criminal or anti-social behaviour, or are concerned for their safety, we urge them to contact Triple Zero (000) for an immediate police attendance.”

Another person appears to be injecting drugs at a laundromat in St Kilda. Source: 9News

The spokesman added police were “relentlessly” investigating and pursuing drug traffickers and dealers in the community.

“However, we also recognise that locking up drug dealers can only ever be one element within a broader approach towards reducing the harm,” he said.

“Our officers conduct regular foot patrols along Fitzroy Street, St Kilda to engage with shop owners and residents and detect and deter any criminal activity.

“These patrols are regularly supported by the local council and specialist police units such as the Mounted Branch, Transit Safety Division, Bicycle Patrol and Highway Patrol to boost our visibility and provide reassurance to the community.”

The Department of Health and Human Services has been contacted for comment.

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