Chilling video shows Dubai princess before she disappears

The alleged missing daughter of the prime minister of the UAE has shared a chilling video believed to be shot just days before she disappeared.

Dubai princess Sheikha Latifa, 33, is believed to have vanished off the coast of Goa, India, with American Herve Jaubert in a bid to escape the control of her father Sheikh Mohammed, The Sun reported.

It is understood Latifa instructed her lawyer to upload the video to YouTube if she were to disappear or die.

in the lengthy clip, she can be seen addressing the camera where she describes her life as one of 30 children to the Arab ruler and her plans to escape the Dubai royal family.

“I am making this video because this could be the last video I make," she says.

Princess Latifa has shared a chilling video following her disappearance. Source: YouTube/ Escape from Dubai

“Pretty soon I’m going to be leaving somehow I’m not sure of the outcome, but I’m 99 per cent positive this could work.”

She describes how she was imprisoned in 2002 for previously trying to escape and claims to have been detained for three years.

Latifa allegedly sent her UK-based representative, Radha Stirling, founder of Detained in Dubai, a message on March 4 pleading for help, NDTV reported.

“Radha, please help me, there are men outside,” she wrote before claiming to hear gunshots.

The woman in the video claims to be the daughter of Sheikh Mohammed, the prime minister of the UAE. Source: Getty

Her location was tracked to 80km off the coast of Goa.

Ms Stirling says Latifa first contacted her on February 26 claiming she had escaped from Dubai after claiming to have been tortured for helping her sister also leave.

"I am looking forward to a better life, a start of new chapter in my life," Latifa tells the camera during the clip.

"There is no reason to stay in Dubai and no reason to come back here."

Throughout the clip, Latifa makes several attempts to verify her identity, while Ms Stirling claims to have thoroughly researched that her claims of being in the UAE royal family are true.

Ms Stirling reported Latifa's disappearance to UK police after becoming concerned for her safety.

They say information on Latifa and Jaubert has been sent to the National Crime Agency and Interpol for further investigation.