Man's ssss-cary discovery while rummaging down back of sofa

Tom Flanagan

A Victoria man who thought a hissing sound in his living room was a broken charger was given the fright of his life when discovering a slithery intruder lurking behind his couch.

Blairegowrie resident Troy came out the shower on February 2 before sitting down to investigate the strange buzzing noise which he thought was his phone charger.

"He jumped out the shower and sat on the couch and put his hand down the side of the couch," Barry Goldsmith, Snake Catcher Victoria, told Yahoo7 News.

"It was then he saw the tiger snake... it was a good size, about five foot long."

Barry Goldsmith inspected the area to find the sanke. Source: Barry Goldsmith/ Snake Catcher Victoria

A stunned Troy quickly called Mr Goldsmith who arrived to remove the reptile.

"He was a bit worried but he handled it well, he kept a visual of it so I knew where it was when I got there," he said.

From behind the couch, Mr Goldsmith pulled out a five foot tiger snake. Source: Barry Goldsmith/ Snake Catcher Victoria
Mr Goldsmith said Troy handled the situation well despite his original fright. Source: Barry Goldsmith/ Snake Catcher Vicrtoria

Footage from the capture shows Mr Goldsmith searching behind the couch before grabbing the unwanted guest by the hands before placing it in a bag.

Mr Goldsmith advised any homeowner who discovers a snake indoors to show it respect and make sure the area is sealed off.

"Ideally shut the doors, put something along the bottom of the door like a towel and ring a snake a catcher," he said.

"Wait until they get there don't take your eyes off the area.

"People have to remember snakes are protected animals and it is illegal to kill or hurt them as well as being extremely dangerous and cruel."