Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews announces shock resignation: What you need to know

Daniel Andrews will step down on Wednesday after being in the job since 2014.

Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews has announced his sudden resignation after almost a decade in the top job.

During a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, Mr Andrews said he will step down as the state's premier and as a member for Mulgrave, effective 5pm on Wednesday.

What you need to know

  • Mr Andrews will meet with Governor of Victoria Margaret Gardner on Tuesday to formally resign.

  • He said a new leader will be elected by the Victoria Labor caucus at 12pm on Wednesday.

  • Mr Andrews became premier in November 2014, booting out a first-term Liberal government, and led Labor to two more victories in 2018 and 2022.

  • The Mulgrave MP was elected in 2002 and had been the leader of the Victorian branch of the Australian Labor Party since 2010.

  • The state leader was at the helm during the controversial pandemic years, where millions of people were in lockdown for record months during Covid-19.

Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews announced his resignation on Tuesday. Source: ABC
Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews announced his resignation on Tuesday. Source: ABC

🗣️ What they said

Daniel Andrews while announcing his resignation: "It is not an easy decision because as much as we have achieved together, there's so much to do. When it is time, it is time. Recently in talking to my kids and Cath, thoughts of what life will be like after this job has started to creep in.

"I have always known the moment that happens it is time to go and to give this privilege, this amazing responsibility to someone else. It is not an easy job being premier of our state but is not a complaint, that is just fact."

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese at Parliament House: "Daniel Andrews is a man of great conviction, enormous compassion, and a fierce determination to make a difference. And he has made such a positive difference to the lives of people. Daniel Andrews has never been anyone who has shirked his responsibilities. He stood up each and every day during the pandemic, he has stood up for doing what he believed was absolutely right, to keep Victorians safe."

Steve Bracks, former Victorian Labor Premier to the ABC: "I was not surprised, I thought into the third term that he would probably take the next step and move on, he has been the longest serving Labor premier in Victoria's history. He has served the state extremely well and after a while this job gets to you and I know exactly what he is going through."

Kristy McBain MP for Eden Monaro on X: "Congratulations to Daniel Andrews on his incredible service to my home state of Victoria! Big shoes to fill! Enjoy your well deserved break!"

Liberal Party MP Jason Wood on Facebook: "Sadly, his legacy includes record lockdowns for Victorians during COVID, major cost blow outs for infrastructure projects, and the cancelled Commonwealth Games."

Victorian Opposition Leader John Pesutto during presser: "I wish Daniel Andrews well. But we have to face the facts. He's leaving because Victoria, under his leadership, is falling apart."

⏭️ So what next?

A new leader will be elected by the Victoria Labor caucus at 12pm on Wednesday. The next state election will be held on November 28, 2026.

💬 Conversation starter

In his time as premier Victoria became the first state in the country to introduce euthanasia laws and other progressive legislation, including abortion clinic safe zones, decriminalising sex work and banning gay conversion practices.

But his time was not without controversy.

He had to sack former Labor powerbroker Adem Somyurek from the ministry twice, first for bullying and then for branch-stacking in a scandal that claimed the scalps of three other ministers.

In June, Victorian opposition leader John Pesutto predicted Mr Andrews would step down from his position this year, claiming "everything suggests that he's checked out".

"We don't know what we'll inherit when by 2026 because we have seen reports from the parliamentary budget office and others which suggest that debt could be as high as $300b, so it gets worse," Mr Pesutto told 3AW.

"The damage will be deep, it will be long lasting, and it raises serious questions about what Daniel Andrews' legacy will really be when he leaves office."

❗ It’s hard to believe, but…

Despite facing a barrage of backlash over his strict Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions, Mr Andrews became a state icon after his remark "get on the beers" was turned into a hit song by Australian music act Mashd N Kutcher.

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews made an embarrassing gaffe after spelling Olivia Newton-John’s name wrong in an important tweet.

In May this year, the bodies of dozens of waterbirds were dumped outside Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews' office, in an annual protest against the state's controversial duck season.

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