Baby born on GP race track
Baby born on GP race track

Formula One's newest fan has been delivered at Melbourne's Grand Prix race track by his proud father who named him Jenson after his favourite motor sporting hero.

When Rachel Andrews went into labour eight days early, her husband Gareth moved into top gear.

The couple were en route to hospital, but when Rachel realised the baby was on its way, Gareth was forced to make an unplanned pit stop on the Grand Prix circuit in Albert Park.

"Just as we were approaching Albert Park she said 'yep it's coming'," Gareth told Anastasia Salamastrakis. "I just panicked and took a left onto the track and parked up on the nearest lay by."

It was a speedy delivery.

Within minutes, the couple's second son was born in the back of their car.

"There was plenty of people travelling to work," Gareth said. "Rachel and I apologise for what they may have seen."

Gareth called an ambulance, but little Jenson was in such a hurry to cross the finish line that he was already in his father's arms by the time paramedics arrived.

Jenson Button of Great Britain. Photo: Getty images

Keen racing fans, the couple has been to every Australian Grand Prix since they made the move from England three years ago.

So when it came to name their newborn, Jenson seemed the natural choice.

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