Venomous snake’s ‘clumsy’ manoeuvre cracks up Aussies: ‘Had a big one’

The snake's hilarious fail had Aussies in stitches, but the move debunks a common myth.

Security footage of a ‘clumsy’ snake’s hilarious fail while trying to slither down the side of a man’s home has left Aussies in hysterics.

The footage, captured outside a Queenslander’s home, shows the venomous brown snake as it appears to attempt to climb down the house when it loses traction and falls to the ground, taking a pot down with it as it goes down.

“Saw him climbing down from the roof of on the front door camera,” the resident explained having posted the video online. He added that while they’ve had “plenty” of snakes around the property, they’ve “never had a snake looking like that on the roof before.”

A ‘clumsy’ snake falls to the ground while attempting to slither down the side of a man’s home. The snake is circled in red.
Security footage of a ‘clumsy’ snake while trying to slither down the side of a man’s home has left Aussies in hysterics. Source: Facebook

Viewers left in stitches by hilarious moment

Aussies were quick to react with glee to the video of the clumsy Eastern Brown snake. “If you didn’t have cameras you’d be like … who knocked off my pot plant?” Joked one person.

“I have watched this five times and I’m still laughing.” replied another.

“I have second-hand embarrassment for this poor snake,” laughed a third, adding, “so clumsy”.

Another Aussie joked that the snake had "had a big one" the night before.

Common ‘myth’ debunked

Other Aussies who viewed the video questioned whether venomous snakes were known to climb, to which another joked “not very well by the looks”.

It’s a common myth that venomous snakes cannot climb, but Gladstone snake expert Kris Foster previously debunked the misconception.

“Lots of people believe that venomous snakes can't climb," he said. "It's an old wives tale from people who knew nothing about snakes, and unfortunately, others believe it."

He explained that eastern browns, death adders, pale-headed and Stephens banded were all venomous snake species that could venture off the ground.

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