Vegemite falls victim to cost of living crisis

The $9.40 Vegemite jar was sold at a “low price” at Woolworths. Generic Greystanes photos.
The $9.40 Vegemite jar was sold at a “low price” at Woolworths. Generic Greystanes photos.

An outraged shopper has discovered no food is safe from the cost of living crisis, after finding Australia’s most beloved snack on sale for the “low price” of almost $10.

DarkLake, as they are known on social media platform Reddit, shared a photo of 560g jars of Vegemite being sold for $9.40 at Woolworths.

“It’s nearly 10 bucks for Vegemite now? And this is a low price?” they asked the Australian Reddit page.

Despite the eye-watering price, the jar of Vegemite is part of Woolworths’ latest campaign to address cost of living pressures in the lead-up to the holidays.

A range of products have been officially discounted through the Prices Dropped for Christmas and Low Prices campaigns.

The 560g jar of vegemite was on sale for the "low price" of $9.40.
The 560g jar of Vegemite was on sale for the "low price" of $9.40. Picture: Reddit

However, commentators on the Reddit post took aim at the supermarket giant for charging high prices on the popular Aussie food and household staple.

“Feed your family for under $10,” one person joked with reference to chef Curtis Stone and Coles’ former “Feed your Family” campaign – which has since been mocked heavily online.

“How they put the “LOW PRICE” tag to try and convince us feels patronising to me,” wrote a second.

“We need an insider at Coles and Woolies to start showing the cost price of stuff. Actually show how much price gouging is going on,” a third person posted.

“It’s still overpriced, it would be so cheap to make,” another commentator said in response to people defending the price.

Low Prices and Prices Dropped For Christmas campaigns have promised discounts across the board. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Gaye Gerard

“It’s also over half a kilo of Vegemite. I reckon that would last the average person a long while,” one defender replied.

“Yeah I get its pricey, but that’s a huge jar. Doesn’t seem super unreasonable to me,” added another.

But people quickly pointed out the large Vegemite wouldn’t last long in households with big families, especially those with growing kids.

The back-and-forth about the price sparked an all-out debate over the general cost of living, ranging from fast food prices, to yearly income, and minimum casual wages.

It seems the cost of Vegemite has become the ultimate point of comparison for the current living crisis.

“That’s a bloody outrage, it is!” one person insisted.