You’ve Been Washing Your Jeans Completely Wrong, According To Experts

I’m sorry to say that I’m bringing you some sad but probably not surprising news: we are actually supposed to wash our jeans.

I know. They lose the softness, they stop feeling like pyjamas, they feel more rigid for a while after a wash.

We still have to do it.

Not only that, but according to cleaning experts, many of us aren’t washing them the right way when we do finally give in and shove them in the washing machine. Which may actually be why they feel so stiff and rubbish after a spin!

We spoke with the laundry experts at Ecover to get the low-down on our favourite trousers.

The right way to wash your jeans

So, first of all, they did confirm that yes, jeans do have to be washed. However, in good news for goblins like me, they added: “denim does not need to be washed as frequently as some of your other clothing – like underwear and workout clothing.”


Ecover added: “It’s a familiar debate in the world of laundering. However, as a rule of thumb, we recommend washing when your denim begins to give off an odour, or no longer feels clean – typically, every five to eight wears.”

This is because, while denim is a thicker, more durable piece of clothing than a lot of our other clothing, washing jeans too frequently wears them out faster. Denim is also prone to shrinking when exposed to high heat.

With this in mind, Ecover recommends washing jeans at a lower temperature.

Speaking on these infrequent washes, they said: “All in all, spreading out your denim washes is better for the environment, saves time and money on laundry and keeps your denim looking newer longer – win, win, win.”


The benefits of washing laundry at a lower temperature

According to the environmental charity WWF: “Lowering the temperature of your wash is the most important part of reducing the environmental impact of your laundry. Up to 60% of laundry’s carbon footprint comes from heating water - that’s more than packaging, production and shipping!”