Usyk vs Dubois LIVE! Boxing fight stream, result and latest updates after KO victory for defending champion

Usyk vs Dubois LIVE!

Oleksandr Usyk ended Daniel Dubois' world heavyweight title dream with a ninth-round knockout in Wroclaw.

Usyk kept hold of his WBA, IBF and WBO belts with a 14th knockout win in 21 fights, much to the delight of the large contingent of his fellow Ukrainians who have resided in Poland since Russian's invasion of their country last year.

Dubois caught Usyk with a low blow in the fifth that put the Ukrainian down but was deemed accidental. While some observers might have considered the punch to be on the belt line, Usyk was given time to recover. But Dubois sensed this was his moment and the pair traded heavy punches.

Usyk upped the pace in the seventh, forcing Dubois to take a backward step and leaving the Londoner marked for the first time. Dubois recovered in the eighth but in the final 10 seconds he was dropped to the canvas. He managed to get back to his feet as the bell sounded but there was to be no respite for Dubois and Usyk charged in again to put down Dubois for the referee Luis Pabon to wave the fight off.

Usyk vs Dubois updates

  • KO! Oleksandr Usyk wins it in the ninth

  • CONTROVERSY! Daniel Dubois denied victory

  • Full undercard results

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00:14 , Marc Mayo

Boxing is no stranger to controversy and we had another big one served up on Saturday night as Daniel Dubois was denied a victory over Oleksandr Usyk.

The Ukrainian was allowed to ride out a body shot in the fifth before securing a stoppage win to retain his belts in the ninth round.

Recap all the action with our fight report!


Daniel Dubois’ camp demand rematch

00:11 , Marc Mayo

Frank Warren has vowed to appeal Oleksandr Usyk’s victory over Daniel Dubosi amid the controversy over the fifth-round ‘illegal’ low blow.

He said: “This is a boxing match and should be above board, but it was not a low blow. It’s a nonsense, a total nonsense. The governing bodies must order a rematch.”

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We certainly haven’t heard the end of this

23:51 , Marc Mayo

Daniel Dubois’ camp make their fury known

23:41 , Marc Mayo

Daniel Dubois’ camp unhappy

23:34 , Marc Mayo

Frank Warren says the referee got it “badly wrong” and calls it a “hometown decision”.

Daniel Dubois’ trainer Don Charles furious as he asks during the interview: “How is that low?!”

Dubois adds: “I’ve been cheated, that was a win tonight. But you know what, I’ve gotta come again.”

Warren describes Usyk as a “hero” but “this is a boxing match and should be above board, but it was not a low blow. It’s a nonsense, a total nonsense. The governing bodies must order a rematch.”

He says they’ll appeal.

Daniel Dubois next up

23:32 , Marc Mayo

“I didn’t think that was a low blow, I thought it landed and I’ve been cheated out of victory.”

Oleksandr Usyk gives his reaction

23:29 , Marc Mayo

“I feel good. I’m grateful for my team, my family, my children, I love you. But I’m grateful for my country, Ukraine and the army. Thank you so much.

“[Low blow?] Boxing is tough, but I’m great. It’s boxing I love and I respect my opponent. But it’s boxing, it’s not ballet. It’s boxing.

“No [power from Dubois] only on my balls.

“[Tyson Fury fight?] I’m ready tomorrow. Next fight, I’m ready but Tyson I have no idea.

“I can’t wait to see my children and be back home, I miss it. I’ve been training a long time and I’m a little bit tired.”

Over to Michael Buffer...

23:24 , Marc Mayo

We’ll hear from the fighters soon hopefully, first up is the official announcement of the result.

Into 48 seconds of round number nine, by knockout victory it’s Oleksandr Usyk remaining the unified heavyweight champion of the world!

Moment of controversy

23:22 , Marc Mayo

Will this fight be remembered as a controversial one, after Oleksandr Usyk was allowed a time out after a low blow from Daniel Dubois? Some reckon it was a legal shot.

Judge for yourself...

That KO blow

23:20 , Marc Mayo

Just seen the replay of the winning shot, it’s a hefty right-hander right through the gate that hurt Daniel Dubois. May well be where he got hit by Joe Joyce.

Oleksandr Usyk retains his heavyweight belts

23:19 , Marc Mayo

Oleksandr Usyk is having words with Daniel Dubois, not clear whether he’s congratulating him or reading the riot act about that early low blow that downed Usyk.

“Thank you,” he ends with a bump of fists, before taking the crowd’s adulation.

Usyk vs Dubois

23:17 , Marc Mayo

Round Nine

It’s been a fascinating world championship fight that has lived up to its billing. Where will it head next?

Usyk flings in an early left-hander to pin Dubois onto the ropes and he has to throw hands to force his way out. Dubois’ nose is bloodied.

We’re not even halfway into the round and Usyk looks to turn the screw.




Usyk vs Dubois

23:14 , Marc Mayo

Round Eight

Dubois gets a couple of good shots in early to wrestle back some advantage.

Usyk has to rediscover his speed if he wants to negotiate the 12 and win on points, which he is set to do if he can make it to the end.

Has to be said that Dubois is not looking flustered in this environment and his chin is holding up. A flurry to end the round puts Dubois on his knee!

He takes his time and is back up for the bell.


Usyk vs Dubois

23:10 , Marc Mayo

Round Seven

Dubois is working the body more and more - and Usyk is looking a bit uncomfortable!

Can the Brit break through and finally get on top in this fight?

One attempt to go low lets the door open for a right-hander from Usyk and he’s getting back into it! Hefty swings left, right and centre as Usyk claws his way back on top before a frantic end to the seventh!

Usyk vs Dubois

23:06 , Marc Mayo

Round Six

Dubois pops up into a right hook as chants of ‘Usyk, Usyk’ rally around Stadion Wroclaw.

Another body shot in the same spot as earlier is landed right on Usyk’s gut. That one isn’t pulled up by the referee but Usyk looks annoyed by it.

Working the body is Dubois’ best bet for sure and he lands a good’un right on the bell!

This fight is more in the balance, if still in Usyk’s favour.

Usyk vs Dubois

23:02 , Marc Mayo

TV’s Carl Frampton argues on TNT Sports that it wasn’t a low blow in his books and Usyk should have been counted out.

Interesting to hear Dubois’ camp’s take on that later on...

Usyk vs Dubois

23:01 , Marc Mayo

Round Five

“Clean fight,” says the referee before the duel resumes. Dubois isn’t forcing the issue when Usyk may well be there for the taking!

He lunges in and Usyk scampers back well enough, and the world champ looks right back in this fight...

A big left-hander catches Dubois! Ominous comeback from that blow by Usyk and there’s afters after the bell!

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Usyk vs Dubois

22:59 , Marc Mayo

Round Five

Big cheers from the home fans as Usyk clambers back to his feet!

The referee says it’s a low punch, it was right in the gut actually around the belt of his trunks.

Both men are called into the middle with one minute given before we restart.

Usyk vs Dubois

22:56 , Marc Mayo

Round Five

Usyk is really not happy here. Not seen a replay to confirm exactly where that caught him but it may well have been his gentleman’s region.

Usyk vs Dubois

22:55 , Marc Mayo

Round Five

Usyk is down on the canvas with a body shot that’s given as too low by the referee! Boos from the crowd against Dubois and Usyk is taking his time here.

Usyk vs Dubois

22:54 , Marc Mayo

Round Four

Dubois’ corner are calling for more left-handed shots with trainer Don Charles bellowing from his corner in the early knockings of the fourth.

Usyk can hear him too, of course! And he works to his right side to counter.

A solid jab from Dubois helps make a case for winning this round, but Usyk takes advantage of a gap in his rival’s momentum to force his own right-hander through.

Usyk vs Dubois

22:50 , Marc Mayo

Round Three

Dubois is sticking a bit too much on the back foot and Usyk arrives with a good long shot! Usyk shakes it off after pulling back, to try and tease Dubois forward.

The Londoner doesn’t risk it but needs to work out a way into this fight.

More combinations required as Dubois fails to land anything serious in the third.


Usyk vs Dubois

22:46 , Marc Mayo

Round Two

It’s actually pouring with rain in Wroclaw, which will test the canopy and fans not underneath any kind of covering.

Dubois lands a hook on the thigh, which Usyk points out to the referee. Then a sharp left-hander lands on the Brit as Usyk clicks up a gear!

Dubois’ defences are struggling to deal with the speed of the world champ, who is going up and down Dubois’ body to open him up.

A good left-hander hits Usyk in the latter part of a round which certainly goes to the Ukrainian.

Usyk vs Dubois

22:42 , Marc Mayo

Round One

Usyk, in the white shorts, Dubois in the purple and at his lowest weight in six years. Many feel early barrages are his best bet to a big shock.

But there is not much- size-wise between the two as they stand face to face for some early feelers.

A good right jab through the gate hits Dubois for the main moment of a quiet opening round.

Usyk vs Dubois

22:38 , Marc Mayo

Round one

Let’s do this! The WBA, WBO, IBO and IBF belts are on the line as Daniel Dubois challenges Oleksandr Usyk. Only Tyson Fury’s WBC belt is not of this division.

Big chants of ‘Usyk, Usyk’ from around Stadion Wroclaw, which is full to the brim with over 40,000 fans.

Referee Luis Pabon, of Puerto Rico, gets us underway!


National anthems

22:32 , Marc Mayo

‘God Save The King’ first up in Wroclaw before the Ukrainain anthem from singer Alena Omargalieva, with no backing track aside from the thousands of fans in Poland who stand to sing along - including Usyk.

Proper hair-on-the-back-of-your-neck stuff.

Nothing fancy from Oleksandr Usyk

22:29 , Marc Mayo

No thrones, expensive masks or pyrotechnics from the world champ, who looks at the ground occasionally as he walks to the ring with a simple white T-shirt and shorts on.

Oleksandr Usyk ring walk

22:28 , Marc Mayo

Next out is the home favourite, the 20-0 heavyweight champion of the world.

Usyk, who at 36 is 11 years the elder of the two fighters, has had much made of his slighter frame for a typical fighter at this level yet he stands only two inches shorter than Dubois and weighed in only 12lbs lighter.

Ukrainian singer Vasyl Zhadan is on the microphone as Usyk approaches the start of his ring walk.

Daniel Dubois ring walk

22:24 , Marc Mayo

Here comes the Londoner, who boasts a 19-1 record ahead of this, his first-ever world title fight.

Dubois steps out in purple and has a determined smile on his face and he practices punches on his way to the ring.

Usyk vs Dubois: Ring walks coming up!

22:22 , Marc Mayo

Here we go!

Michael Buffer is in position in Wroclaw to begin proceedings.

A special message from President Zelenskyy of Ukraine plays out first.

“We keep standing and Ukraine is fighting because of the strengths of our people as mighty as Oleksandr Usyk,” he says.

“I thank each and everyone of you with us tonight until our victory. Glory to Ukraine.”

Daniel Dubois tipped to pull off huge upset

22:19 , Marc Mayo

Frank Warren is confident Daniel Dubois can upset the odds when he faces Oleksandr Usyk.

Warren said: “Daniel has got more experience than some guys who have won world titles. Usyk is a great fighter and was a great cruiserweight, but he's now at Daniel's weight.

“Daniel is coming into the lion's den, that's what it is about. He's going to go in there and throw bombs. I'll be the bag carrier carrying the belts back for Daniel.”

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Highlights: Aadam Hamed secures first-round TKO

22:16 , Marc Mayo

Usyk vs Dubois betting odds

22:13 , Marc Mayo

Usyk to win - 1/14

Draw - 25/1

Dubois to win - 7/1

Usyk to win by TKO/KO - 4/9

Dubois to win by TKO/KO - 17/2

Fight to go the distance - Yes: 9/4 No: 2/7

Dubois to be knocked down - 1/3

Usyk to be knocked down and win - 11/2

Odds provided by Betfair, subject to change.

The final undercard result sheet

22:09 , Marc Mayo

Aadam Hamed bt Vojtech Hrdy

Denys Berinchyk bt Anthony Yigit

Yaroslav Khartsyz bt Konrad Czjakowski

Hamzah Sheeraz bt Dmytro Mytrofanov

Anauel Ngamissengue bt Fiodor Czerkaszyn

Daniel Lapin bt Aro Schwartz

Bryce Mills bt Damian Tymosz

Rafal Wolczecki bt Roberto Arriaza

Vasile Cebotari bt Joel Julio

Lazizbek Mullojonov bt Nursultan Amanzholov

Aadam Hamed gives his reaction

22:08 , Marc Mayo

“That was my first fight ever. It was a blessing to be here, thanks to K2, Queensberry and most of all my family.

“What a night, I felt like I put on a performance and it’s only going to get bigger and better.

“I like to hurt people, I’m not just there to tip and tap. I want to get people out of there.

“The press will say what they want, I can’t take any notice and I believe in my ability and this is a stepping stone.

“I want to stay as active as possible, get as many fights as possible. One or two more maybe this year then a hell of a lot more next year.”

Aadam Hamed makes a winning start

22:05 , Marc Mayo

Amusingly, the towel actually missed landing in the canvas when first thrown from Hrdy’s corner before a second attempt finally ended the fight!

Fair play to Aadam Hamed, he looked relaxed and played the cards he was dealt on a big stage. We’ll need to see more of him soon to get a proper grip on him as a fighter.

Hamed vs Hrdy

22:02 , Marc Mayo

Right then, let’s see what the young Hamed has got.

Four rounds are available, if we need them. Hrdy is completely backed into the corner and, just after two minutes into the first round, the towel is thrown in.

Hamed vs Hrdy

21:59 , Marc Mayo

Aadam Hamed teases the camera before hopping through the ropes without his dad’s trademark somersault, with his parents watching on from the ringside seats.

Looking at the ringside seats, it’s safe to say a few of the more esteemed guests have taken this as a chance to queue at the bar or the restrooms.

DING DING! Round one begins...

Out comes Aadam Hamed

21:57 , Marc Mayo

For the first time ever, amateur or pro, Aadam Hamed begins his ring walk.

There are a fair few mentions to his dad, Prince Naseem, in his pre-walk video. Kind of hard to avoid that fact given it’s basically the only reason why he’s the main undercard act on this night.

Ring walks

21:54 , Marc Mayo

Czech Republic fighter Vojtech Hrdy is about as unknown as they come at this level, he’s won one of his three pro fights and - as you can see from their weigh-in - does not have the physique of his opponent.

To be fair, he is literally 17 years old.

Aadam Hamed is... a bit bigger than Vojtech Hrdy

21:53 , Marc Mayo

Full fight card

21:52 , Marc Mayo

Oleksandr Usyk vs Daniel Dubois

Aadam Hamed vs Vojtech Hrdy

Denys Berinchyk bt Anthony Yigit

Yaroslav Khartsyz bt Konrad Czjakowski

Hamzah Sheeraz bt Dmytro Mytrofanov

Anauel Ngamissengue bt Fiodor Czerkaszyn

Daniel Lapin bt Aro Schwartz

Bryce Mills bt Damian Tymosz

Rafal Wolczecki bt Roberto Arriaza

Vasile Cebotari bt Joel Julio

Lazizbek Mullojonov bt Nursultan Amanzholov

Aadam Hamed previews his fight to TNT Sports

21:49 , Marc Mayo

“I’ve been laughing and singing on the way here, I’m excited to get the job done. What a beautiful arena, I’m embracing it and living in the moment right now.

“I’m looking to put on a serious show, a dominant peformance and a knockout.

“We’re similar in some ways but I’m my own person, a southpaw and we’ll see tonight what’s going to happen.”

Final preparations for Usyk vs Dubois underway

21:45 , Marc Mayo

Derek Chisora gives his take on Usyk vs Dubois to TNT Sports

21:43 , Marc Mayo

“Put it this way, [Dubois]’s about to get a nightmare. He’s going to have to compose himself, have that ‘I don’t care’ face.

“But if you want to be a champion, you have to beat him up. This is his home yard and Daniel has to come and don’t give a care, and just go for it.

“If he tries to mess around, it’s going to be a long night.”

Denys Berinchyk wins!

21:40 , Marc Mayo

Anthony Yigit indulges in some press-ups on the canvas as he celebrates before the official verdict.

Now time for the points... it goes 117-111, 115-113, 116-112 to Denys Berinchyk!

A world title fight may now be up next for the Ukrainian!

Berinchyk vs Yigit

21:37 , Marc Mayo

The Ukrainian rallies the crowd for the final round and they respond with chants for Berinchyk to finish the job.

His best route to doing that will be to keep it nice and simple, with the points victory surely his. Yigit has to come and get it, and we’re finally seeing some hefty blows land from both!

Yigit needs a golden punch but Berinchyk looks more likely to land one with a tester onto the Swede’s jaw in a gruelling last stand.

The bell goes and surely this will be Berinchyk’s.

Berinchyk vs Yigit

21:32 , Marc Mayo

Some meatier jabs thrown in by Yigit, who has lost the dancing pace of the earlier rounds and every blow he gets in seems to come back with spare change from Berinchyk!

One round left in this lightweight undercard contest.

Berinchyk vs Yigit

21:28 , Marc Mayo

Into the tenth we go of this lightweight contest, which lit up the London 2012 Olympics tournament but has not exactly exploded into life in Wroclaw.

Berinchyk takes advantage of Yigit throwing himself into it and suddenly the energy of this contest edges up with the fans raising their voices in unison!

A few flurries are putting the Ukrainian on course for the win.

Berinchyk vs Yigit

21:24 , Marc Mayo

Yigit’s pristine white shorts have been daubed in blood from the cut above his eye, which has largely been dealt with by his team.

There’s barely a graze on Berinchyk, by comparison, as he keeps on the front foot through the ninth.

Berinchyk vs Yigit

21:21 , Marc Mayo

The judges scorecards will likely be falling Berinchyk’s way as the reigning International lightweight champ turns the screw ever so slightly.

The pressure is probably a little bit more on Yigit to turn the tide after being caught with a slick one moments before the bell.

Berinchyk vs Yigit

21:16 , Marc Mayo

TV’s Carl Frampton has his scorecard in Berinchyk’s favour by a single point, to show how little there is in this fight.

The second half begins with Yigit just a little bit more on the front foot but Berinchyk ends the seventh well with a set of body shots.

Berinchyk vs Yigit

21:12 , Marc Mayo

Yigit’s corner have that cut under control and this rather tetchy affair continues. It’s not been a thriller and there’s little to choose between the two of them amid signs of Yigit just slowing down a touch.

Reminder: After this fight we have Aadam Hamed’s boxing debut before Usyk vs Dubois!

Berinchyk vs Yigit

21:08 , Marc Mayo

Approaching the halfway mark as Berinchyk looks to work the body but it’s above the left eye where a cut has opened up on Yigit!

Not sure exactly where that came from. Replays show it was an accidental clash of heads, as expected.

Berinchyk vs Yigit

21:04 , Marc Mayo

Yigit has a bit of a bloodied nose as the fourth begins and the Swede is dancing his way around the ring to keep this fight on a gentle simmer, rather than letting it boil over.

A good combo with a minute to go catches Berinchyk napping, very little to separate these two at this stage.

Berinchyk vs Yigit

21:00 , Marc Mayo

Berinchyk breaks through Yigit’s defences for the first time with a left-hander as his opponent looked to get forward.

The early-fight niceties are wearing off with Yigit not seemingly too worried by that hit. The third round ends with none of the opening exchanges likely to really swing this eventual result one way or the other.

Berinchyk vs Yigit

20:56 , Marc Mayo

In between rounds, the camera spots Jake Paul ringside as he looks down at his phone, no doubt taking in the Standard Sport live blog as we’ve already discussed.

Both Yigit and Berinchyk difficult to pin down so far and the second ends without any fireworks.

Berinchyk vs Yigit

20:52 , Marc Mayo

A full 12 rounds ahead of us and a tense opener is punctured as Berinchyk slips on the canvas as he looks to come forward.

Berinchyk vs Yigit

20:48 , Marc Mayo

Wielding a plastic (I hope) axe and adorned in fur cape, chainmail and a viking helmet, Denys Berinchyk does his ring walk with the runway lighting up in Ukrainian yellow and blue.

The home fans are certainly backing him tonight with Stadion Wroclaw looking more or less full now.

Meanwhile, look who’s here!

Time for another fight!

20:44 , Marc Mayo

Just three fights left tonight and we have the WBO International lightweight title up for grabs.

Ukraine’s Denys Berinchyk defends his belt and 17-0 record against Swedish fighter Anthony Yigit (27-3-1).

These two fought at the 2012 Olympics where Berinchyk was the victor before earning the silver medal.

Ukrainian sporting royalty enters the arena

20:39 , Marc Mayo

Full fight card

20:37 , Marc Mayo

Oleksandr Usyk vs Daniel Dubois

Aadam Hamed vs Vojtech Hardy

Denys Berinchyk vs Anthony Yigit

Yaroslav Khartsyz bt Konrad Czjakowski

Hamzah Sheeraz bt Dmytro Mytrofanov

Anauel Ngamissengue bt Fiodor Czerkaszyn

Daniel Lapin bt Aro Schwartz

Bryce Mills bt Damian Tymosz

Rafal Wolczecki bt Roberto Arriaza

Vasile Cebotari bt Joel Julio

Lazizbek Mullojonov bt Nursultan Amanzholov

Jake Paul eagerly awaits Usyk vs Dubois

20:36 , Marc Mayo

Loves his live blogs does Jake Paul, probably reading this along with all of us. Hi Jake.

Czjakowski vs Khartsyz

20:34 , Marc Mayo

All three scorecard read 40-36 in favour of Yaroslav Khartsyz! He goes to 3-0 and waves the Ukrainian flag in victory.

Czjakowski vs Khartsyz

20:32 , Marc Mayo

Czjakowski is nursing a shiner underneath his left eye as he keeps rattling away through the final round.

This is only going one way on points, with no belts up for grabs in what is an extra fight on the undercard after Hamzah Shareez’s blistering win earlier on.

The bells goes with this surely a Khartsyz win.

Czjakowski vs Khartsyz

20:28 , Marc Mayo

The third round continues to see Khartsyz dominate in what is a good test of Czjakowski’s chin if nothing else.

Chants of ‘Khartsyz, Khartsyz’ from the Ukrainians in the crowd, with the Polish support not quite getting behind their man under pressure.

Czjakowski vs Khartsyz

20:25 , Marc Mayo

Khartsyz is only 26 but he’s showing his superior experience over the Polish youngster, with a hefty combo landing two of his three throws after missing his first hook.

Czjakowski vs Khartsyz

20:20 , Marc Mayo

It’s Poland vs Ukraine as 22-year-old Czjakowski takes on Khartsyz, who is 2-0 in his career.

Czjakowski, who is adorned in sponsorship decals - or very questionable corporate tattoos - is struggling in the first with some heavy hits over the top from Khartsyz.

Next up...

20:17 , Marc Mayo

Because that fight was so quick we have four rounds of lightweight fun parachuted onto the card!

Konrad Czjakowski faces Yaroslav Khartsyz.

Oleksandr Usyk not bothered by favourite tag

20:15 , Marc Mayo

Oleksandr Usyk kept it short and sweet during Thursday’s press conference ahead of this weekend’s world heavyweight title clash with British underdog Daniel Dubois.

Ukrainian hero Usyk has embraced the role of home favourite during this fight week but took the unusual step on Wednesday of spending some of his open workout by enthusiastically dancing, which delighted his ringside fans.

The 36-year-old continued that eccentricity on Thursday by answering only one question during a short press conference, where his opponent Dubois was largely a bystander until the duo took part in a drama-free face-off.

Usyk started: "Hi everybody, what’s up? I am grateful for my team, my family, my wife, I love you Katerina, my country and Ukrainian soldiers. Thank you so much.

"My preparation is all good. We do a lot of work, with swimming, we play football, we dancing, yeah. Enough?"

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Full fight card

20:08 , Marc Mayo

Oleksandr Usyk vs Daniel Dubois

Denys Berinchyk vs Anthony Yigit

Aadam Hamed vs Vojtech Hardy

Hamzah Sheeraz bt Dmytro Mytrofanov

Anauel Ngamissengue bt Fiodor Czerkaszyn

Daniel Lapin bt Aro Schwartz

Bryce Mills bt Damian Tymosz

Rafal Wolczecki bt Roberto Arriaza

Vasile Cebotari bt Joel Julio

Lazizbek Mullojonov bt Nursultan Amanzholov

Hamzah Sheeraz gives his reaction

20:06 , Marc Mayo

“I’d like to thank Allah, Frank Warren and K2 Promotions. I knew I’d do a job on him, did I think I’d do it that quick? I thought it’d be about round ten but I’ll take it.

“Loads of people wrote me off but I’m here, I’ve got the WBC Silver and next year I want to fight for a world title. I think I’m ready.”

Mytrofanov vs Sheeraz

20:01 , Marc Mayo

Mytrofanov ended the first with a bloodied nose and is still looking to scamper around in front of the controlled Sheeraz, who gets things going with another solid combination.

AND IT’S ALL OVER! One more big hit lands and that’s too many for the referee, who calls it off!


Mytrofanov vs Sheeraz

19:59 , Marc Mayo

So, how will Mytrofanov look to go about this fight with such a height disadvantage?

Not like that! Sheeraz sends him to the canvas inside the first minute after luring him in! Another solid right-hander wobbles Mytrofanov in a textbook first round from the Brit.

A superb jab through the gate sends Mytrofanov to his knee with still 45 seconds to go... he’s back up but struggling.

A very one-sided first round of 12 (not likely) ends!

Mytrofanov vs Sheeraz

19:53 , Marc Mayo

A big test for Sheeraz up against of the several Ukrainian fighters on the card, making him very much the away-team boxer on his debut outside of England.

He certainly has the height and reach advantage, however.

Mytrofanov vs Sheeraz

19:49 , Marc Mayo

Next up we have Hamzah Sheeraz, the highly-rated 24-year-old from Slough looking to extend his 17-0 record after winning the Commonwealth middleweight title in November.

Dmytro Mytrofanov, 33, boasts a 13-0-1 record and is expected to be the Brit’s toughest opponent to date.

Full card results

19:44 , Marc Mayo

Oleksandr Usyk vs Daniel Dubois

Denys Berinchyk vs Anthony Yigit

Aadam Hamed vs Vojtech Hardy

Dmytro Mytrofanov vs Hamzah Sheeraz

Anauel Ngamissengue bt Fiodor Czerkaszyn

Daniel Lapin bt Aro Schwartz

Bryce Mills bt Damian Tymosz

Rafal Wolczecki bt Roberto Arriaza

Vasile Cebotari bt Joel Julio

Lazizbek Mullojonov bt Nursultan Amanzholov

Daniel Dubois is in the house

19:42 , Marc Mayo

Anauel Ngamissengue wins!

19:38 , Marc Mayo

A majority decision 78-72, 76-74 and 75-75 are the judges results!

Czerkaszyn vs Ngamissengue

19:34 , Marc Mayo

A beautiful left-hander from Ngamissengue catches Czerkaszyn flush, who arrives back with a good shot by the ropes.

Two undefeated fighters, throwing the kitchen sink at it in the final round - another supreme Ngamissengue left hook hits the cheek of his rival in the final half minute and he unloads before the bell...

Good luck scoring this!

Czerkaszyn vs Ngamissengue

19:30 , Marc Mayo

Serious quality in this fight for an early undercard contest, with Ngamissengue reportedly looking to drop back down for a run at the Olympics in Paris next year.

The seventh is even, Czerkaszyn just shading it. Final round coming up...

Czerkaszyn vs Ngamissengue

19:25 , Marc Mayo

Czerkaszyn looks to turn the tide with a steely performance in the sixth, he may need to be flawless to secure a points win. Ngamissengue, as feared, has dropped his pace.

Can he rally for a big finish?

Czerkaszyn vs Ngamissengue

19:21 , Marc Mayo

Better from Czerkaszyn in the fifth despite a stream of blood coming off his left eyebrow. Is Ngamissengue tiring a touch?

Czerkaszyn vs Ngamissengue

19:17 , Marc Mayo

Ngamissengue is giving his opponent absolutely no time to rest. Can he keep up this pace for eight rounds?

He may not have to worry if he can get Czerkaszyn on the deck again. The Ukrainian has a cut above his left eye but gets through the fourth after the referee deems his wound an accidental headbutt.

Czerkaszyn vs Ngamissengue

19:14 , Marc Mayo

The third round continues this blistering pace and Czerkaszyn tumbles on the canvas, as he stumbles off the ropes but comes through the count.

And his second tumble is a big’un! Ngamissengue is causing him some massive issues with a huge right-hander.

He corners Czerkaszyn and looks to end it before the bell as this Wroclaw crowd livens up for the first time tonight.

Czerkaszyn vs Ngamissengue

19:09 , Marc Mayo

Czerkaszyn looks to up the ante in this fast-paced undercard clash, but Ngamissengue is freely switching stances to cause him some bother and a dangerous right-hander over the top sees him end the round well.

Czerkaszyn vs Ngamissengue

19:05 , Marc Mayo

Local (ish) boy Czerkaszyn is the favourite for this one, a top-ten ranked middleweight boxer aged 27.

Both have plenty of pop but not much lands in round one with Ngamissengue throwing his body low into his opponent, that might leave him vulnerable.

Czerkaszyn vs Ngamissengue

19:01 , Marc Mayo

Anauel Ngamissengue, the Congolese-French middleweight, has eight knockouts from 12 fights, all of which he has won.

But his Polish-Ukrainian opponent Fiodor Czerkaszyn boasts a 22-0 record with 14 KOs.

One of those undefeated records have to end tonight!

Next up on the undercard...

18:56 , Marc Mayo

An eight-round middleweight showdown between Fiodor Czerkaszyn and Anauel Ngamissengue.

Highlights: Daniel Lapin scores TKO win on undercard

18:50 , Marc Mayo

Fight card in full

18:45 , Marc Mayo

Oleksandr Usyk vs Daniel Dubois

Denys Berinchyk vs Anthony Yigit

Dmytro Mytrofanov vs Hamzah Sheeraz

Aadam Hamed vs Vojtech Hardy

Oleksandr Solomennikov vs Piotr Gudel

Ziyad Almaayouf vs Janos Penzes

Bryce Mills vs Damian Tymosz

Yaroslav Khartsyz vs Konrad Czajkowski

Fiodor Czerkaszyn vs Anauel Ngamissengue

Daniel Lapin bt Aro Schwartz

Rafal Wolczecki bt Roberto Arriaza

Vasile Cebotari bt Joel Julio

Lazizbek Mullojonov bt Nursultan Amanzholov

Lapin vs Schwartz

18:41 , Marc Mayo

Daniel Lapin wins!

It’s a TKO in the sixth for the Ukrainian after a knockdown, which saw both the referee wave it off AND Schwartz’s corner throw the towel in.

Lapin vs Schwartz

18:39 , Marc Mayo

Into the second half of this fight and the up-and-coming Lapin is closing in on the victory.

Lapin vs Schwartz

18:32 , Marc Mayo

The 26-year-old Lapin is controlling this one as expected against the more experienced but unfancied Schwartz, who is 20-6-1 through his career.

Stadion Wroclaw is pretty sparse still, but a 40,000 sell-out is on the cards.

The sun is setting in Poland and it’s reportedly hot and humid ringside.

Lapin vs Schwartz

18:24 , Marc Mayo

Ukrainian fighter Daniel Lapin faces Germany’s Aro Schwartz looking for an eighth win in his eighth pro fight, for the continental IBO light heavyweight belt.

It’s a ten-rounder with Lapin, who fought on both of the Usyk vs Joshua cards as part of his countryman’s promoter stable, towers over his opponent and looks positive early on.

Undercard set to begin

18:18 , Marc Mayo

Oleksandr Usyk’s fellow Ukrainian fighter Denys Berinchyk will take on Anthony Yigit before the main event, looking to extend his unbeaten lightweight career.

Britain’s Commonwealth middleweight champion Hamzah Sheeraz also goes up against Ukraine’s Dmytro Mytrofanov on a card packed with eastern European talent.

Prince Naseem Hamed’s son, Aadam Hamed, makes his pro debut against Vojtech Hardy.

First up is Daniel Lapin vs Aro Schwartz!

Usyk vs Dubious weigh-in results

18:13 , Marc Mayo

Dubois came in at his lowest weight since 2017 in Friday’s weigh-in, at 233.2 lbs. Usyk, typically considered on the diminutive side for a heavyweight, registered a mere 12 lbs lighter at 220.9 lbs - a similar weight to his fights against Joshua.

Usyk vs Dubois prediction

18:05 , Marc Mayo

After comfortably out-boxing the powerhouse that is Anthony Joshua, Usyk is the heavy favourite for this contest. The question is whether it will go all the way, with Dubois potentially looking to explode into the ring and wipe out the former cruiserweight early.

That could leave Dubois open to a knockout blow to himself yet Usyk has shown he can expertly navigate his way through these fights by going the distance.

Usyk to win on unanimous points decision.

Fight card in full

17:58 , Marc Mayo

Oleksandr Usyk vs Daniel Dubois

Denys Berinchyk vs Anthony Yigit

Dmytro Mytrofanov vs Hamzah Sheeraz

Daniel Lapin vs Aro Schwartz

Fiodor Czerkaszyn vs Anauel Ngamissengue

Rafal Wolczecki vs Roberto Arriaza

Vasile Cebotari vs Joel Julio

Nursultan Amanzholov vs Lazizbek Mullojonov

Oleksandr Solomennikov vs Piotr Gudel

Aadam Hamed vs Vojtech Hardy

Ziyad Almaayouf vs Janos Penzes

Bryce Mills vs Damian Tymosz

Yaroslav Khartsyz vs Konrad Czajkowski

How to watch Usyk vs Dubois

17:53 , Marc Mayo

TV channel: In the UK, the fight will be shown on TNT Sports Box Office for a pay-per-view price of £19.95. Coverage begins at 6pm BST.

Live stream: PPV subscribers can watch online via the TNT Sports Box Office app and website, as well as via Sky, Virgin or BT TV. You do not need to be a regular TNT Sports subscriber to access the PPV service.

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