'So scary': Mum's alarming find hidden in bench just days from school holidays

A horrified Perth mother has warned parents to remain vigilant during the school holidays after she found two syringes hidden around an area popular with young families.

The woman was with several other mothers at the busy Yagan Square in the CBD on Tuesday when she made the disturbing discovery in a wooden bench.

The concerned parent took to Facebook to warn others as thousands of children plan to descend on the area for Winter Fest activities during the holidays.

“It’s the first time I have encountered that and it’s so alarming,” she wrote.

The mother shared a disturbing image of the bench where children’s lunches rest on top.

The used syringes were hidden inside the bench at Yagan Square in Perth's CBD.
The used syringes were hidden inside the bench. Source: Facebook/ Rowena Santos

A closer image shows one of the used syringes tucked in between two planks.

The parent said they immediately raised the alarm before a member of staff quickly removed the needles.

Other mothers expressed their concerns over the find, several suggesting it was “scary”.

“Omg! So scary and unsafe. Thanks for sharing,” one said.

A Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia staff at Yagan Square work effortlessly to ensure the safety of visitors.

“Incidents of this nature are unfortunately one of the challenges of managing highly trafficked public spaces,” the spokesperson said.

“All staff at Yagan Square regularly patrol all public areas to ensure they are safe for the public to enjoy, in particular the playground.

“Regular checks are performed of the playground by Cleaners, Security and our Community Liaison Officers on an hourly basis or as requested by the public.”

The spokesperson said staff were paying particular attention to upcoming events for children at the site.

“The MRA is conscious of the upcoming school holidays and associated Winter Fest activities, and has stringent processes in place to ensure that premises are maintained and thoroughly checked for dangerous objects.”

The spokesperson said in this particular incident, the syringes were safely removed by a member of staff, who like all employees, are thoroughly trained in removing dangerous objects.

They said any person who discovers dangerous items on site should contact a member of staff immediately.

Western Australia’s Department of Health has published a list of safety instructions to follow for those who come across improperly discarded needles and syringes.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority for comment on the incident.

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