How each US senator voted on the $95 billion foreign aid package

The US Senate on Tuesday passed a $95 billion foreign aid package aimed at bolstering support for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, ending months of legislative wrangling among lawmakers over extending help to the American allies.

The package, which passed on a 79-18 bipartisan vote, combined four bills approved by the US House on Saturday. It allotted nearly $61 billion for Ukraine, more than $26 billion for the Israel-Hamas conflict — including $15 billion in Israeli military aid, $9 billion in humanitarian aid for Gaza and $2.4 billion for regional US military operations — and more than $8 billion for countries in the Indo-Pacific region.

The measure also includes a provision that could result in TikTok being banned from American app stores unless its Chinese parent company, ByteDance, sells the video-sharing platform within nine months.

The funding passed with the support of 46 Democrats, 31 Republicans and 2 independents, following hours of speeches by senators. Two Democrats, 15 Republicans and one independent opposed it. Three GOP senators — Rand Paul of Kentucky, Tim Scott of South Carolina and Tommy Tuberville of Alabama — didn’t vote.

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CLARIFICATION: This story has been updated to more precisely describe the aid bill and what it supports in Israel and Gaza during the ongoing conflict.

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