US police shoot dead 13-year-old boy carrying a replica gun after New York state robbery

US police shoot dead 13-year-old boy carrying a replica gun after New York state robbery

US police shot dead a 13-year-old boy who was running away from them holding a replica handgun.

Nyah Mway and another 13-year-old boy were stopped in Utica, New York state, on Friday night by officers looking for robbery suspects.

It was thought the two boys matched the description of a pair wanted after a suspected armed robbery.

The two teens ran away after being questioned and three policemen gave chase.

One wrestled Mway to the floor and saw what looked to be a handgun and his partner, named as Patrick Husnay, then fired a single shot to his chest.

Footage shows what appears to be the boy pointing the firearm and the police officers shouting “gun, gun”.

Mway was given first aid at the scene but later died at Utica’s Wynn Hospital.

Utica’s police released footage from the incident and held a press conference during which the force’s chief was heckled over its handling of the incident.

The investigating officers Husnay, who fired the fatal shot, Bryce Patterson and Andrew Citriniti have all been placed on leave while an investigation is carried out.

Utica Mayor Michael Galime said: "We understand the weight of this situation and want to ensure that every single piece of this is understood."

The weapon which was mistaken for a Glock 17 was a gun that could only fire BB pellets.

Hundreds attended a vigil for Mway on Sunday.

"Our thoughts are with the family of the deceased juvenile, as well as our officers involved in this incident," the Utica Police Department said in a statement.

His family and other Burmese migrants called for justice for the teenager and accountability for police."We came to the United States, finally, to get the education and to get the good jobs here" and hoping for a peaceful life after decades of strife and violence in Myanmar, said Lay Htoo, who identified himself as one of Nyah's cousins.But instead of celebrating the teen's ascent to high school, his parents were waiting for medical examiners to release his body and wondering what would become of the officers."They want them to be in prison forever," the cousin said in a phone interview