Father finally finds daughter after 39 years through the help of social media

A heartbroken father who turned to the internet in a desperate bid to locate his daughter has finally be reunited with her after nearly 40 years.

Jerry Miller had a baby girl with Kathy Kabich in the US state of Georgia in December of 1978 but had to put the child up for adoption after suffering a brain aneurysm, which he wasn’t expected to survive from, Fox 19 reports.

But Mr Miller did survive – and he tried to regain custody, but was unable to. He claims the adoption records were sealed.

In a Facebook post, which was shared by thousands, Mr Miller appealed for help in finding her.

Jerry Miller posted a photo to find a daughter he put up for adoption. Source: Facebook

“Looking for my daughter,” a sign he’s holding in a photo reads.

“I have never stopped looking! I want you to know you were never forgotten.”

Mr Miller described the moment she was taken away as a “nightmare nobody wants to see or be in”.

He’s since remarried and has three kids, but said his life isn’t complete without meeting his missing daughter.

"I'm very blessed with what I have, children, two girls and a son. Nine grandkids, one great, but there's still a piece of me missing," he said. 

According to Fox 19, the post worked and Mr Miller has since been reunited with his daughter.