The unlikely moment you didn't see after train brawlers hugged it out

There was an unlikely twist involving the two passengers involved in a late night scuffle onboard a Sydney train on Wednesday after witnesses revealed the pair were subject to a very sudden and bizarre change of heart.

Once the dust had settled after their bloody brawl onboard a train heading for Newcastle, the men hugged it out and then proceeded to strike up an unlikely friendship which left bystanders stunned.

"After the hug and all of it they're actually talking to each other down there, sitting really close to each other for pretty much the whole train ride until I got off," witness Jud Winter told 7 News.

"It seemed like the start of a bromance there."

Witness Jud Winter revealed the pair were best of friends come the end of the train journey. Source: 7 News
The two men traded blows on the bottom level of a Sydney Train on Wednesday night. Source: Facebook/Judita Aku-wei Winter

The remarkable fight was caught on camera with the footage showing an older man approach a young office worker sitting on the lower level of the carriage before the two men trade barbs with one another.

After nearly minute of slagging each other as the train leaves Central Station, things take a violent turn when the older commuter makes contact with his fellow passenger.

“You just f****** hit me,” the office worker says as he launches out of his seat.

The pair emerged from the ground both bloodied and bruised. Source: Facebook/Judita Aku-wei Winter

The younger man is seen landing two right hooks to the older man’s face before being wrestled to the ground.

A flurry of fists and kicks follows as the pair grapple their way around the carriage in front of a few shocked commuters.

After two minutes of tussling, the bleeding and exhausted men take a second to catch their breath.

In a bizarre twist, the men ended their two minute wrestle with a hug and an apology. Source: Facebook/Judita Aku-wei Winter

Appearing to become suddenly aware of the madness that had just unfolded, the wounded commuters opts to use their words instead.

“Look you had a crack at me first, this is not how I intended my night to go... I'm trying to get home, I have work in the morning,” the young man explains.

“If you don’t mean it, I don’t mean it.”

Much to the delight of those filming the chaos, the men suddenly wrap their arms around each other and hug it out before delving into conversation.

But despite the men settling their differences, NSW Police are now using mobile phone vision and pictures from the carriage security cameras to investigate the matter further.

If charges are laid, there may yet be another chapter in their blossoming friendship.