Union believes ABC cut will be much bigger

The coalition government's review of the ABC has recommended much deeper cuts than previously proposed, the journalists' union believes.

The Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA) says it has been advised that the government's Lewis Review into ABC and SBS efficiency will suggest dramatically exceeding the $120 million of cuts over four years in the May budget.

It believes the review will effectively recommend a total cut of more than $130 million in the next 12 months and more than $100 million in each subsequent year.

MEAA federal secretary Christopher Warren warned that the cuts, and the reduction in staff numbers, would cause irreversible damage to the national broadcaster.

"The cuts the Lewis Review is set to propose would decimate the ABC," he said in a statement on Friday.

Severe cuts would have a direct impact on vital and unique services and would likely reduce the number of foreign bureaus and cause a distinct drop in the ABC's rural and regional reach.

The Senate passed an Australian Greens motion on Thursday calling on the government to publicly release the review no later than September 1.