Ukrainian families forced to evacuate in Kharkiv region

Ukrainian families forced to evacuate in Kharkiv region

At least seven people, including a 3-year-old girl, were wounded in an overnight Russian attack on Chuhuiv after a S300 missile hit the city centre.

The explosion damaged three high-rise buildings and two private homes, a shopping mall, a bank, and a hotel.

One of the wounded is an IDP (internally displaced person). He and his family live in a rented apartment.

The rocket cut off the city's central water supply system, leaving 2,500 people dry. Utilities are planning to restore the pipes by noon on Saturday, as they are waiting for spare parts from Kharkiv.

Three people were killed by Russian attacks elsewhere in Kharkiv Oblast over the past 24 hours; Two people were killed in the city of Kupiansk and one person was killed in Vovchansk.

Due to the intensification of shelling in the Kharkiv region, the forced evacuation of families with children has been extended to 18 villages in the Velykoburluksk and Vilkhuvatka communities of Kupiansk district. This decision was made by the Regional Defence Council on 7 March.

This is the second forced evacuation of families with children in the Kharkiv region. In November 2023, 300 children were taken from five communities in Kupiansk district on the left bank of the Oskol River.

Now, a mandatory evacuation was announced in 57 settlements of the Velykoburluksk, Vilkhuvatka, Kindrashivka, and Kurylivsk communities.

The Russian Ministry of Defence released footage on Friday of drone operators targeting Ukrainian equipment, weapons, and manpower in the Kherson region.

Authorities in Russia's Belgorod region say that two people died in a Ukrainian drone attack on Friday.