'Ripped off': Furious vegan woman slams cafe over 'pathetic' breakfast

A vegan woman has slammed a cafe who served her a breakfast she labelled "pathetic" after she was given one alternative, but no discount.

Nutritionist Susan Hart dined at Copper in West Bridgford on Monday and phoned ahead to confirm they could accommodate her requirements by altering items on the menu.

She ordered the vegetarian breakfast without halloumi and scrambled eggs and was given mushroom, tomato, baked beans and "bubble and squeak".

Ms Hart said she was shocked to be charged $11.40 for the meal - the same as the standard vegetarian breakfast.

A vegan woman has slammed a cafe who served her a

The normal vegetarian meal, which costs $11.40, has two eggs, halloumi, bubble and squeak, beans, mushroom and toast. Ms Hart did not have the eggs or halloumi and tomato was added.

Her breakfast cost only 80 cents less than the full English with pork sausage, black pudding, bacon, egg, tomato, beans, mushroom and toast.

The cafe hit back at Ms Hart's claims - saying "it is not policy to deduct the price of the breakfast if substitute items have been provided."

“While we try to accommodate all customer requests and provide excellent service, on this particular occasion the customer decided to order a vegetarian breakfast from our menu and substitute non-vegan items for additional portions of suitable items, which was explained at the point of ordering," the spokesperson said, according to the Nottingham Post.

Ms Hart posted to her nutrition Facebook page after eating at the cafe. Photo: Facebook

“The cost of the toast was deducted from the bill prior to payment."

Ms Hart told her Facebook followers: “There was no deduction for the removed items. Shocking! We are being right royally ripped off!'”

She said the cafe charged her an extra $5 for sourdough bread after a mix-up with wait staff and was also told the guacamole was not vegan-friendly.

“It was pathetic. The two ingredients I didn’t have were the most expensive," she said.

Ms Hart said the cafe only charged her 80 cents less than if she ordered the full English breakfast. Photo: Facebook