Chef brags about 'spiking' vegan group’s meal

A UK chef has sparked outrage after reportedly boasting of willingly “spiking” the meals of a vegan group after a diner phoned ahead to advise of their party's dietary requirements.

Laura Goodman, chef and co-owner of Carlini in Shifnal, in England’s West Midlands county of Shropshire, posted the admissions in a Facebook group about a vegan party that booked a table at her restaurant for last Friday night.

“Pious, judgmental vegan (who I spent all day cooking for) has gone to bed, still believing she’s a vegan,” Ms Goodman wrote early Saturday morning, according to The Metro.

Laura Goodman, chef and co-owner of UK restaurant Carlini, in Shifnal, admitted to willingly 'spiking' a vegan group's meals. Source: Laura Goodman, Facebook

In disbelief, one woman responded to the chef’s comment, asking if she actually fed meat to a vegan, to which Ms Goodman responded calling the inquirer a scathing name.

“Started with asking me to telephone them, over Christmas, to discuss the dietary requirements of their guests within a set time frame, and ended with me wondering why I’m explaining this simplistic post to a pious c**t," she wrote.

The comments were posted on a Facebook group page early Saturday morning. Source: Facebook

Her comments set waves among members of the group, vegans and carnivores alike, outraged by the chef’s actions which they called “disgusting” and “despicable”.

Some even likened the behavior to drink spiking, and others expressed health concerns about managing people’s dietary sensitivities, aside from ethical preferences.

The Sun reports vegans are planning to protest outside the restaurant.

Following the comments, the restaurant was flooded with negative reviews online. Source: TripAdvisor

“You feed vegans (who have trusted you and presumably paid for their meals) non-vegan food, boast about it on social media in a group that represents quite a broad cross-section of society, and get roundly chastised,” one wrote.

“You then decide that the problem must be with all the people in the group, rather than your own reprehensible behaviour?”

The restaurant chef and co-owner's behaviour was slammed by vegans and carnivores alike. Source: TripAdvisor

Another added: “I’m an omnivore but I am a lifelong teetotaller, and would be very upset if someone spiked my drink,” she wrote.

A third commenter compared the act to a previous case where a barista reportedly used cows milk in a soy latte order, which caused the customer to collapse and have a fit after one sip.

Yahoo 7 has contacted Carlini restaurant for comment.