New policy to fine parents $200 if their child is late to school

Parents could be fined up to $AU203 if their child turns up late to school as part of a strict crackdown.

Schools in the UK including in the West Midlands, Hampshire and Essex have all extended their penalties - usually handed out for absences and term-time holidays - to lateness.

Seven News presenter Rod Young told Sunrise the report on the policy revealed "some people couldn't pay this price anyway".

"It's crazy, it's ridiculous and I think it's totally outrageous," he said.

Rod Young said there shouldn't be any fines. Photo: Channel 7
Rod Young said there shouldn't be any fines. Photo: Channel 7

"I have three children - they're all grown up now - but I remember the early times when they were little the struggle of getting them all ready and getting them off to school."

"What I’m getting at is there are always reasons for serial offenders, there’s still got to be reasons so how can you address that? I think there are solutions to be found, but fines? Ridiculous."

At $150 per child, most families would be hit with a $AU406 fine if their children were late but it is slashed by 50 per cent if paid within 21 days.

Sunrise commentator Prue MacSween said there's a bigger story to tell.

"There is a bigger angle to this that apparently parents are concerned they cant choose the school their child goes to and are finding one kid goes to school miles away and another is battling traffic of London," she said.

Prue MacSween doesn't think the idea will
Prue MacSween doesn't think the idea will

"I have sympthay for them but is it teaching children a lesson or parents a lesson?"

"We all have these measures in place of being either late or on time for school and we have to try and impose those life lessons on them but I just wonder if it’s going to have any wash and I don’t believe it is."

It's understood Wessex County Council has imposed a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) of $AU203 per parent per child for frequent lateness, The Times UK reports.

Winter Gardens Academy in Essex has informed parents they face fines of $AU101 if their children consistently arrive at school after 9am, with the fine doubling to $AU202 if not paid within 21 days.

Warwickshire County Council has also warned parents they will face fines if their children are regularly more than 30 minutes late or turn up after morning registration.

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